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Unstoppable by China Anne McClain- 40k Subscriber Special Royale High Music Video!


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What do you use to film?
A: I film with the screen recorder setting installed on my iPhone. It also comes with a microphone speaker so you can speak into it. IOS only

What do you use to edit?
A: I use iMovie to edit my vids. All my screen recordings go to my camera roll then I export it to iMovie.

How do you do Facecam?:
A: At the moment I use my sisters phone to show my face and I also use my phone for the gameplay. I use imovie to merge those too clips together by pressing “video to video capture”

How old are you?
A: I am currently 17 years old

Where do you live?
A: I live in California!

Socials :
Instagram: @sugarhaloxo7
Roblox Username: notabbiesoutlet
Roblox Group: Outfit Squad

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  1. Annabelle Dejesus says

    This is absolutely….AMAZING!!!!! You deserve every single subscriber and I love your content so much!!!! ILYSM!!!!!💗💕✨❤️🥺🤗

  2. Its Emma says

    she did a face reveal!!

  3. Its Emma says


  4. Pixie Quinn says

    Strut queens ☺️

  5. Zuzu Woman says

    Congrats Abbie :3
    U rlly deserve it :3

  6. *ii_LuvLxiya * says

    Yeah ik I'm pretty late But CRONGRATS GIRLIE🌻❤ you are growing so much and you deserve it!🍩 New subbie for sure sis!❤

  7. ExplosiveSodaCan says

    YouTube: mmm, nah fam- Copyrighted

  8. MqriBunn says

    Congrats Abbie!

  9. Lavbxrry says

    Congrats on 4Ok+ You deserve every single sub we will never ever leave you.Were family and we will support you from 0 subscribers to 1 million

  10. CoolCatMeowleah Roblox says

    conrats Abbie love you 😀

  11. Elizabeth De Kock says

    Congrats Abbie I love your channel I wish you the best of luck with your channel <3

  12. BunBun Lizzy says


  13. moniquechery says

    I love it how the person said subscribe to Abbie or I’ll haunt your dreams and if you don’t i will TOOOOOO >:)

  14. Bridey Prince says

    This was amazing ❤️

  15. Flxral Rose says


  16. LovelyGaming says

    tysm for letting me be in your video Abbie and congrats for 40k you even deserve more!!

  17. Roblox Unicorn says

    Im so happy for you 😀 also i love the music video you should do more in the future!
    Im really sad that i was not there but thats okay i still love it!

  18. Lil Deviix says

    Yassss congrats Abbie you deserve it! Ty for letting us being in the video, I see myself ehehe 🙂

  19. fleur erojo says

    Fun fact:The dislikers doesnt like black americans

  20. Omq_Itz Eliza says

    I missed it nuuuu

  21. Toto's Gaming Universe says


  22. - Milly Moo - says

    Oml- I love this! 💖🥺😭🌈✨

  23. Lemon Watermelon UWU says


  24. RobloxVids says

    I remember this song and the show. It brings me back so many memories.

  25. •• says


  26. Lindy Vanqa says

    Congratulations Abbie you deserve all your subs thank you for always giving us good content💖🤗

  27. Alina Is weird says

    OMG Abbie I’m so proud of you I’ve been watching you since January and I’m seeing how much you grow :0

  28. 0 _ 0 says

    I was gonna join but I gave up bc the link was tagged and yeah ;(

  29. dayana lea . says

    i was thinking about quitting youtube but then i saw this ;p

  30. Thunder_Studioz YT says

    What country are you from Abbie? Btw love the hair!

  31. Princess says

    Yaya am so happy love your videos 💜💜

  32. Hilary Chamko Pouako says

    WOW congrats!

    Little question of topic how did she zoom in well out to make a turn can someone help?

  33. Tatiana Goncalves says

    I am sad because I could not join the server 😫

  34. diNg dOng says

    your beautiful :000

  35. Raw Bread says

    I have been here since 5k 😊 it warms my heart to see you get so big! And I have loved your videos forever

  36. Mxyte says

    600th like! lysm Abbie 😀

  37. The Insane Noodles says

    Omg I love Chinna Anne Mcclain shes my idol!!

  38. ¡?Sakura Lily Gacha¿! says

    She looks so pretty oml btw congratulations Abbie for 40k subs :O

  39. Matthews_Fan34 says

    You anti and donutology are like the perfect trio

  40. Starry kitten Gaming says

    When one of my earplugs went out during the music vid
    Me: this is an evil world

  41. Jason Cloutier says

    Oh my God it’s just Stream and this blew my mind this song is just amazing it made me almost cry and this just inspired me


    Congratulations abbie

  43. Lonley Saturn says

    Congrats! I really wish I could have made it! Hopefully next time! Congratulations, Abbie! You deserve it! <3

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