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Unity Roadmap 2020: Live Games


This is the second installment of our 2020 roadmap, Unity 2020: Live Games.

We know you’ll have a lot of questions about this roadmap, so we’re hosting a Q&A on the Unity forum following the session. Product experts from across Unity will be actively monitoring this thread from Wednesday through Friday. Ask your questions here:

Slides available here:

Check out the first installment of the Unity roadmap, Core Engine & Creator Tools:

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  1. karan sharma says

    I use playfab for liveops

  2. OXMOND Tutorials says

    Sounds really, really awesome! ??

  3. Negative Protocol says


  4. stalan klocket says

    add minimum bass and 3d bass standard for everything. add 3d clash built in any form and make it better as the top title focus for unity and add better multiplayer focused ideas for unity too

  5. Daitli says

    Was this an april fools joke? I just got baited 🙁

  6. cgfghf hkjhkj says

    Neat fact: The audio was recorded with a real potato!

  7. Joaquín Muñiz says

    I would use the "out of season April's fools joke" meme, but heck, today is April 1st, so… Nice joke I guess?

  8. Ted Thomas says

    This talk was advertised as multiplayer, not live games ?‍♂️

  9. Jean-Hugo Ritz says

    "Don't say behavioral data"… we wouldn't want to sound as if we were tracking people habits in order to get more money from them !

  10. fart licker says


  11. Gregory Pierce says

    There isn't really anything about networking/multiplayer and that was supposed to be in this one. Is another session planned?

  12. Hakan Karaduman says

    Title: Live games
    – Doesn't mention multiplayer AT ALL

  13. Christian Markowicz says

    What happened to the Multiplayer part of this session which was advertised through mail?

  14. Anfractuous Dev says

    Lots of features for me to add some new tutorials on my channel for!

  15. First Gear Games says

    Can't wait to get more tutorials on my channel for this.

  16. DeepFakescovery channel says

    UE 4 – R.I.P

  17. I am exciting to know great news =)

  18. Arya Anil says


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