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Unity 3D driving game


My first Unity game. (Just a test and learning project)
You can play it here:
Unity Web player required, you can download it clicking the “Unity web player install now” logo.

New Website!

Spin-Tops Released for Android on Google Play Store for free!

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  1. 123 321 says

    How much time does it takes

  2. Federico AT says

    Better than Big Rigs 🙂

  3. threemoo says

    Computer can't handle one explosion,
    Adds a missile launcher that fires 10 a second.

  4. 9garr says

    or put it on steam the way it is and sell it for 5 or 10 dollars and i can almost guarintee you a spot on nerdcubeds hell

  5. 9garr says

    put some extra cars in there( make it multiplayer ) , work on the textures and terrain, add some other levels, make some new features like car customisation, put on steam as free to play mmo.

  6. DarkCyder9 says

    Sweet!, the missiles were a nice touch!

  7. Co-op Couple says

    Unity and I don't get along too well. It confused me, and I got frustrated. Glad you were able to create something cool with it though.

  8. NAYSI says


  9. Alan Bradley says

    Fails frame rate optimization…:(

  10. Riley Dyer says

    I see performance optimizations in top left corner, and I'm wondering if you could inform me how you do that, and whether it actually helps? Thanks

  11. David Scott says

    rockets cuz why not!

  12. Fernando Roa Urtubia says


  13. vaceazer says

    U r 2 legit man 🙌🙌🙌

  14. Myrmeko Me says

    I lovr that unity can view HD textures!

  15. Soboy says

    I played this for a good 30 minutes. Best game I've ever played XD The physics are too good to pass up ROFL

  16. Pedro Pauli says

    he is saying probrably that he learned it himselçf

  17. Gustavo Akira says

    Hahah, very cool!! I would definetely play it!

  18. LBM says

    could you plz tell how did you make the sound of the car?

  19. Jam Worker says

    Nice game ^^

  20. Jonathan Pries says

    haha, nice

  21. Dan Cernușcă says

    Still fun to play it 😀

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