Undiscovered IRANIAN STREET FOOD Tour!! | Ancient Bazaar of Tabriz, Iran!

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TABRIZ, IRAN – One of my favorite cities we visited during our trip to Iran, was Tabriz, located in Northern Iran. The food, people, culture, and ancient bazaar were all the highlights. In this video, we take you on a Iranian street food tour of the ancient bazaar of Tabriz. #Iran #Tabriz #streetfood

Bazaar of Tabriz – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East, it’s also one of the best preserved and most authentic. What was amazing to me is how it’s still in full functioning use, still used in much of the same exact way as its been used for hundreds of years. There are sections of the bazaar for everything – from spices and food, clothes and woodwork. But one of the most fascinating parts of the bazaar is the carpets bazaar, where you’ll find some of the best hand made Persian carpets in the world. Tabriz is known around the world for its exquisite carpet making.

Tabriz Central Mosque – Bazaar of Tabriz – In addition to the amazing Iranian food, we also visited the Tabriz Central Mosque.

Haj Ali Kebab – One of the most famous and best restaurants in Tabriz is Haj Ali Kebab, where you’ll find some of the best kebabs in Tabriz. The kebabs were so incredibly juicy, especially with Persian style butter rice, and some roasted tomatoes and sumac. It was a wonderful lunch within the ancient bazaar.

Shazdeh Restaurant – Along with plenty of street food snacks, our final Iranian food meal at the bazaar was at Shazdeh Restaurant, and one dish you can’t miss are the kufta Tabrizi, one of the ultimate dishes of Tabriz.

It was an amazing day, and a throwback in time, learning about and discovering the ancient bazaar of Tabriz, Iran!

Thank you to Ghasr Setareh ( for arranging our trip to Iran.

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  1. رحله موفقه في إيران ،،،
    إيران جميله روعه واكلها لذيذ واهلها طيبين ،،،
    ما شاءالله صديقك الإيراني مرح وحباب وطيب 🌹🌹

  2. As a woman, I don’t think I would be able to enjoy Iran like you did. It seems to be a mans world. But I would love to go someday when it isn’t such a patriarchal society. The food and the people are nice and the food looks so interesting!

  3. Thank you Mark for expanding my culinary expertise and expanding my knowledge about the world through food <3 Also thanks to your crew for great editing ;D Keep it up <3

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