Understanding Food Allergy

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explains food allergy and offers tips on how to manage the condition.

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  1. I have anaphylaxis allergies to food that contains….diary, nuts, seafood ( well I can have salmons but that’s the only seafood I can have ) and I have food allergies to beef

  2. How to stay well. Ban chemicals used on farms, don't live near a busy road, don't smoke or drink, never eat palm oil or sugar syrups, biscuits, sweets or cakes. Don't eat white foods as wholemeal are better. Only ever eat organic foods and nothing mass produced.

  3. Pour 50ml into a tumbler and lengthen with water to bring out the sweet fruits in the blend, creating a lightly golden, delicious long drink. Serve over ice to accentuate its delicate, lighter tones – it's the ideal drink with dessert or after dinner. And discover more great whiskies in the Johnnie Walker range here.

  4. im alergic to peanuts my reaction would probably be death lol its as worse as it can get ;-; my parents take it very seriously some times I wish I could just be normal .-. I cant eat kit Kats but I get them sometimes when I go to canada (they are not made in a peanut factory there :D) I also have asthma and im allergic to a bunch of outdoor things (and some treenuts, and shrimp) but I still love going outdoors 😀 people say its because kids dont go outside as much and thats why its increasing (because the immune system doesn't face much so it focuses on other stuff) but I was raise d more than half my life in the country and loved playing outside, smelling flowers, swimming in the creek nearby, messing around with the chickens, playing in puddles, riding the golf cart with my siblings and cousins playing with cats and dogs, and helping my mom with gardening! im allergic to cats and dogs now.. I became allergic to peanuts when I was 2 I wasn't that alergic back then my lip swelled up and that was it. but if it were to happen today Id probably die lol I cant be in the same room with peanuts it makes it hard to breath my more recent allergies are treenuts, shrimp, and soy. I got a cat for my 12th birthday and I was so happy but a few weeks later I figured out I was alergic to cats I had to get rid of her I cried tears of joy when I got her and tears of sadness when I had to get rid of her… I hope someone finds a cure some people in austrailia have cured it I hope it spreads to america a lot of other people suffer from allergies its basically poison. but until then I myself will try to live life to its fullest and continue doing my art.

  5. When I eat sunflower seeds I end up with the most ungodly back pains. They're not spasms and they're not localized. I'll also have severe, suicidal depression and massive burping.
    Takes 72 hours for the hell to end.

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  7. Food allergies i would say is probaly genetic to as it runs in my family. My grandfather was allergic to prawns, My father is allergic to bananas, , my mother is allergic to crabsticks, me and a sister of mine are allergic to peanuts and one of my nephews is allergic to soya

  8. It's mainly dairy, egg yolks & tree nuts for me. It doesn't affect my breathing that much but it triggers my eczema which can almost be as bad as the breathing

  9. But this doesn’t tell me why some people are allergic or not?

    Like people with food allergies are weaker? That their body can’t break some foods? IS THAT THE TRUE?

  10. My 17 year old avoided all nuts and was given an epi pen since little as he vomited after hazelnut. Now they give him a blood test and find out it's walnuts and cashew are the worst and he can eat peanuts – but he's still confused as to when to administer epi pen as doctors say vomiting and looking pale isn't serious – so I've always given allergy syrup – but on the epi pen site it says administer pen for vomiting?

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