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UB Men's Basketball Day in the Life: Ronaldo Segu & Jeenathan Williams


University at Buffalo student-athletes, Ronaldo Segu and Jeenathan Williams, share their experiences as D1 college basketball players and share a day in the life.

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  1. Get me 1 million subs without a video challenge says

    the random person that likes this will be a billionaire in the future

  2. Joseph Walker says

    0:46 plz tell me what the backpack is called

  3. lil alco says

    “We get up we workout before like early morning maybe not like at this time but early early but we workout pretty early to go workout”

  4. YaTrue says

    i seen Ronaldo play a couple times this year and he’s like that ???

  5. Darius Holmes says

    First time seeing a Ronaldo video in about 4 years. First thing I notice is how his shooting form has improved. Glad to see him continuing to work on his craft.

  6. Marcanthony Harrison says

    2020 szn go crazy

  7. Your Mom Is a Meme says

    bout time rondo made a video

  8. Brandon Vlogs says


  9. dfost123 says

    A few years ago I didn’t like his jumpshot it’s definitely legit now! He put the work in to change his form

  10. ANTI AYS says

    Who else here cuz you know rondo from home team hoops

  11. CJRockout says

    Ronald segu need to use his signature again more often and just added a pullback or side step to it since everybody developing to shooting straight 3s or deep 2s

  12. Expvndz says

    Keep dis goin be watch rondo since the old Rondo Nasir duo

  13. OnlySage says

    Dude rockin the naruto bag???

  14. Chris says

    Haven’t seen Ronaldo in a lil min

  15. Deidre Green says

    Y'all are Putting on a show being nice to people for clout ?????️

  16. J Mo says

    Home team hoops

  17. Abdul-Hayy Latif says

    This is great quality and i like the routines

  18. V Ma says

    Great insights video!!! Go Bulls!!!!!

  19. Wavy Joness says

    make more of these what ranoldo do before gameday

  20. Que greene says

    Let’s go BULLS . Horns up True Blue ?⚪️ ??

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