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Types Of Parents During Result | Funny Video | Pari's Lifestyle


Hello friends today we are posting very interesting and funny video for you. Do like and share my video with your friends.

Background music by – YouTube library & Epidemic Sound

Cast -Sanskruti(Pari),Sanket ,Priti
Directed By – Priti Patil
Edited By – Amit Patil

#ParisLifestyle #ComedyVideo #ParentsDuringResult

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  1. richa thakur says

    Hi ? i am a kid girl ?‍♀️??‍♀️?‍♀️

  2. Aahana Das says

    I got ?

  3. Rohit Bansal says

    It's so funny ?


    Very funny video????

  5. Sanjeeta Ghimire says

    They feel Happy

  6. tarique huda says

    Bohot martens hai??

  7. Sonali Patil says

    T cvcv chckjvjkplhhjjkyrirurujrjdhhdjdhdhjhfbrj

  8. Sonali Patil says


  9. Kishor Naik says


  10. sachin gawas says

    So funny video????

  11. Aabid Khan says

    Is baar mara 300 mark scolarship of amracia india tooper my mother father

  12. Prabhupadadas Thakur says


  13. Dina Nath says

    I also watch hungry birds

  14. Meghna Dave says

    Nice muje 100 ma se99 ya kabhu kabhi 100. Milte sub suvject me

  15. Veena Garg says

    I do in 0 minute to day is my exam

  16. Shobha Soni says

    Mere to bohot achhe marks aate hai

  17. Nandini Dhawan says


  18. Rozy Khatoon says

    My mamma papa are world best

  19. Ashhar Lakhpat says

    Mere hamesha 99 aur 100 percent aate hai mere parents bht khush hote hai

  20. Rumpa Mondal says

    Good ??

  21. Nabiha and Naifa's craft and show says


  22. Priya Verma says

    My parents is very good

  23. Zahra Memon says

    Muts to t I don’t want to be in my life ka this time we are all in shaa allah is the time for me naaa toh is a kadeer was ? you

  24. zainab noor says

    my parents is the best

  25. Sonam Patel says

    I also watch hungry birds

  26. richa Nanwani says

    Is a very good video ??

  27. Deepak agrawal says

    Mere parents mujhe joh bhi marks aayega toh mujhe pyaar karte he

  28. Ranju Pandey says

    Always teaching wrong things u should understand that what you are creating a picture in children s
    Your channel should be banned by the YouTube

  29. Rakesh Nair says

    I like Paris lifestyle and hungry birds we'll done Paris lifestyle and hungry birds we'll done Paris lifestyle and hungry birds we'll done and stay healthy stay safe stay home

  30. T. R. Mamadge says

    Merrico hundred percent but I had a mummy but then it either party

  31. Santosh Dhatrak says

    My result is good 95

  32. Ashish Sahu says


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