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Twitch Animal Crossing wedding after COVID-19 cancelled our real one!


Our real wedding has been postponed due to COVID-19 so my stream friends created one in Animal Crossing New Horizons! We did it on stream along with a drinking stream and here are the highlights.


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  1. Splaeve Of Blades says

    i still cry everytime i watch this
    mainly because my credit at the start

  2. Bianca Argana tv says

    Amen ?

  3. Rony Mac-donal Angel Ovalle says

    aw that's a good wedding?

  4. Crazzy Takko says


  5. therestlessjoker says

    May your lives be blessed with happiness.

  6. Rolyroo says

    i'm sad i missed the stream :(, very wholesome metalfLove

  7. xX FreudyLad Xx says

    Aww, that's so sweet! Hope everything with your non animal crossing wedding gets sorted out soon. ??

  8. AJLDigit says

    I could not lose the smile from my face throughout the whole video. Such a happy moment! ♥

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