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Trying SUSHI, RAMEN, DUMPLINGS From Whole Foods | Whole Foods Asian FOOD REVIEW


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Went to try the Asian food at Whole Foods market. They had a lots of freshly made items as well as frozen goods. I got the freshly made Korean Steak, Teriyaki Salmon, Sushi and Thai Noodles as well as Ramen and Dumplings from the frozen food Aisle.

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  1. Jenny Cun says

    Saffron Road isn’t exclusive to Whole Foods

  2. Jenny Cun says

    The Whole Foods by me does not have any of the ready-to-eat Asian options!

  3. Eliza McKerrow says

    As a whole foods employee I confidently can say that there sushi slaps so hard! Saffron road prepared food meals aren't good. I also love the mochi, the mochi is super good.

  4. karen skull says

    Seattle Seahawks

  5. Nathan Yu says

    lol i dint know u where so good at roasting

  6. Island Neni says

    I've tried a few Saffron Road foods and they suck.

  7. Eby otaku says

    Literally I thought it was just me thinking that all their foods are just dry hell ??? and literally no flavor

  8. Frizcky ` says

    16:25 i thought it was fried rice ?

  9. Jenn Connolly says

    All that Saffron Road stuff is sold at most supermarkets. It's not a whole foods brand. I guess it is a brand to avoid!

  10. Sara Burkett says

    Aww forreal about the last season of Scrubs? I just started watching it 🙁

  11. beachiekeeeen says

    The Whole Foods by me does NOT have this much stuff! I feel gypped lol.

  12. Daizhen Guo says

    "vegetables… im just gonna leave this here"

    – mikey chen 2020

  13. Danesha Harney says

    They do have yummy sushi but expensive I stopped buying it lol.

  14. Nuudlez says

    I got the same tan tan ramen and shoyu ramen earlier this week before seeing this video. I wish I saw this sooner so I didn't make that decision.

  15. Angie Wong says

    You should try Costco’s Asian food!!

  16. C M says

    I love these supermarket videos

  17. 80sbabe says

    Love how you always say you went overboard but you always finish everything.

  18. David Siegel says

    Food from all over Asia?

    Israel? Syria? Kazakhistan? India? Lebanon? Etc. All 100% Asian. Perhaps you mean EAST Asia.

  19. angela shishkowsky says

    how do you eat the way you do and have arms and abs like you do??????

  20. Olumide J. Idowu says

    Story Times????

  21. Neolithika says

    WTF Where is this whole foods store at? Any in the center of the country?

  22. Mai Yang says

    At first when he tried the Ramon and his response I thought he loved it. Hahaha truly appreciate your honesty!

  23. Gettinhighoffmusic says

    You said it was medium when its still looking at you lol. That's medium rare my guy.

  24. DatNinjaGarage says

    That plot twist got me ????

  25. RowanLoneWolf says

    Just a tip Mike! If you don’t want to pour your soy sauce into the container of sushi you can use the lid for a great instant soy cup! I always use my lid to mix my soy and wasabi. I wonder if other people do this ?

  26. mky77 says

    Bland whole foods noodles to cater to white people with bland taste buds lol

  27. prinsesa diaries says

    what’s the location of the whole foods you went to? its great lot of food ready selections.. love to go there too

  28. Prajwal Deshpande says

    Has a sweet
    SD: Ah too much sweet let's see if hot oil can fix it

  29. Jason Bourne says


  30. Taylormaiide says

    Wow this is awful, I'm going to take another bite.

  31. Lauryn hughes says

    After COVID you should come to Dallas and try ten ramen it’s really good and also monkey king noodle company

  32. Rheana / Z says

    The Salmon Teriyaki… Even fresh off the grill, (and I waited about 6 minutes for my bowl, watching it be handmade) it's still dry. You're also bound to get even smaller pieces and less fish sometimes. I got two chicken nugget sized pieces of salmon, even before the quarantine was in effect.

  33. TheBeybladeChannel says

    Why left on the sun wouldnt it disintegrate

  34. Shaina Barker says

    I use the raycon earbuds as well and I had them for nearly 3 years. Still sound great and I got mine during a Xmas sale

  35. Dingbat says

    Amazon starting to become something out of a dystopian novel. A corporation owning everything from delivery, streaming to groceries, and none of it are products of quality.

  36. Joan Rath says

    Trying to understand but why do so many people in asian culture eat foods most people would not eat? Spice up an eat,is it because thier economy keeps them really poor that that's what's affordable? An some may be good if you grew up an are used to it but as an outsider may find repulsive as we've seen in some vlogs.

  37. Aileen Valadez says

    If you want to torture yourself more you should try the asian premade food at new seasons in Portland, it’s the blandest stuff ever

  38. Diana Brilhante says

    I lose everything lol but yeah I get it mike lol

  39. italgirl25 says

    "This is one of the worst ramen I've ever had in my life" as he takes 20 more bites!! LOL

  40. Brenduh says

    Those look just like the Samsung ear buds. Hmm.

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