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Travis Scott – Highest In The Room (Official Fortnite Music Video) – @trvisXX


The 15th fortnite music video on my channel! Leave a like if you enjoyed!

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Subscribe, we’re so close to 200k! Use code “xDogged” in the fortnite item shop especially if you are buying the Travis Scott set! What song should I make after Highest in the room? Sicko mode or goosebumps?

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  1. xDogged says

    Hey Guys! Be Sure to SUB for more Fortnite Music Videos, We're on the road to 1,000,000 ? Please use my creator Code: xDogged ?

  2. Brandy D says

    my dad 0:27

  3. yandel zapana zea says

    alguien que hable español

  4. hype_nate says

    Bruv this is so cool that you do this and seen this vid by you almost 200x times now your so good..keep it up ??

  5. iTz_KING_:} says

    You are asom brou

  6. Skrrt says

    Imagine destroying a good audio with fortnite

  7. Roblox gameplay Zalmai says

    Wtf is this this is weird

  8. Øxy says

    it'd be better if they made this an instrumental lobby music

  9. ViZioN-al says

    Bruh 2.5 views and 369k subs. He needs more hype for sure.

  10. Prime-Minute says

    Like the comment if you want Travis Scott to be a henchmen boss

    Dislike the comment if you don’t want Travis Scott to be a henchmen boss

  11. DiyaAmir BTW says

    Every body got this song from fortnite instep if your a og Travis$ scott

  12. Anik Couturier says

    the music is hot

  13. mellisos YT says

    epic side like

  14. Ramírez Roque Emerson José #26 says


  15. Super Gusta says


  16. PSplayR says


  17. ĘŁĮŢĘ ĐĘÆ XD says

    Nice video?

  18. Lucas Holstein says

    Welp. I’m gonna go hang myself! AGAIN!

  19. NathanAdiel 268 says

    q currado tio el mejor montage

  20. NathanAdiel 268 says

    que es estoooooooo q locoooooooo

  21. Choc21 ui says


  22. Abdullah the best gamer says

    Omg really it is amazing

  23. Jasmine Jones says


  24. LilJxyden666 says

    0:28 I’m going to buy milk

  25. DANIEL Estrada says

    GB b hv D

  26. Franco Ibañez says

    Feo tu vídeo.

  27. Travis Faleh says

    It’s ?

  28. FaZe Laser Dank says

    It so good But can make a another Music Video

    Song : Sicko Mode
    Creator : Travis Scott Ft Drake

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