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Travelling on Airblue during COVID-19


Is aircraft travel safe during the Corona virus pandemic? Join me to learn about the safety and different SOPs being followed on domestic flights in Pakistan!

Flight Details:

Flight Number: ABQ / PA 405
Route – Lahore – Karachi
Seat No: 8F
Aircraft: Airbus A320 AP-EDH



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  1. aimen Javed says

    Zindagi main aviation main interest na hoty huy itni tough schedule sy time nikal kr Mr.ShujaaImran k vlogs dekhna be 1 alag special feel hai !! ?? Sending you alot of Love and duaas all the way from bahawalpur to Lahore ????

  2. Muhammad Saalar says

    This video reminded me the experience of AirBlue that i had 2 years ago, i also flew from LEH-KHI

  3. Ali Ahmed says

    Bhaijaan I want know about the process of enlisting in the flight school and what documents and qualifications shall I need for admission into a flight school and how much money should I have to pay. Please can you guide me through the process. I would be grateful to you. Thanks

  4. K.M OFFICIAL says

    Landing k bad Jo passenger k sabr wali bat khi os pe to muje b yaqeen Ni ara

  5. Mohammad Danish says

    Sir one question why do u prefer Air Blue over PIA

  6. Snobar Nasir says

    Aoa bhai kya air blue international flights b chala raha ? I mean europe main b air blue a re ? Kon kon si airlines Europe to pak a re in k fares normal huway???

  7. Danny C says

    At 10:19 see in tunnel

  8. Masood Mirza says

    Video upload ho gai means zinda ho bcz pakistani flights mostly fall down

  9. jani rak says

    Bro I nees this background music name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzssssss

  10. Daniyal Ahmed says

    Yar I seriously love your intro man. Over watched way too much YouTube but your intro tops them all. The solo shot and the night runway is amazin

  11. userunlimited says

    Longtime no see bro

  12. Adam Haider says

    Pia is the dangerous airline in the world

  13. Tanwir Zafar says

    I hope air blue have original pilots

  14. Moazam Khan says

    Bhai hum airplane k plastic models Pakistan me kaha se khreed sakty hn?

  15. Kamran lone says

    Bai 2 August ki flight cancel ho gi h Jed to lahore air blue .ab Kya krna h ga

  16. AvGa Gaming says

    Serene has also closed the in flight meals.. No idea about PIA

  17. Aviator says

    Good good Good great keep it up nice!!!!!!!

  18. ASHAR RANJHA says

    Brother please tell me about airsial operation

  19. Mustafa Waris says

    yaar shuja serene par bhi esi hi video banana pleaseee !

  20. Jawad Khan says

    Background music link

  21. RAB Nawaz says

    Plane ky noice ki wjh sy bht safai sy apny complete voice back pe edit krdi

  22. Mohsin Gujjar says

    I think you travel on AP. EDH that was flying captain safi shahid

  23. Qasim Abbas says

    Bootiful video…Wow bootiful

  24. Ashi Mirza says

    Kitne ka ticket he

  25. Umar Sheraz says

    Dear why you didn't opted for PIA? ?

  26. JOE SNAKE says

    nice bro u are great

  27. Amir Sweet says

    2 nain taray 2 nain maray..❤️

  28. Lili Ch says

    You are a. Best youtuber

  29. sialkoti vloger says

    Air sail p b video bnao bro

  30. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    Inshallah one day you will be flying passengers like this as a Capt.(inshallah if you want)

  31. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    Whenever ur vid comes, it looks like Eid believe me i am sooo excited

  32. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    Taking off from 36R? Shuja bhai remember your Cessna was here in p3d while explaining how how start it

  33. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    PIA's customers might have drastically decreased following multiple incidents that took place regarding the airline ?

  34. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    Shuja bhai why going to OPKC?
    App ka flying club wala kaam(papers) to khatam hogye right?

  35. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    Who knows may be its @pilotsafi_553 who flying as a FO?

  36. Muh Jahangir says

    Can u tell me is there any infants allowed to fly?

  37. Ahsan Atique Ahmad says

    Copyright strike marni hai Fareed Ayaz sb ne can you pls guide how?

  38. Ahsan Atique Ahmad says

    Bhai app kya bhuat ameer ho? Gloria peetay ho.

  39. Zulfiqar Ali Khurrum says

    Is this an a321-200 shuja bhai?

  40. oozer's browser says

    Driver: breaks 23 laws to get the wallet ASAP
    Shujaa bhai: buys milkshake

  41. Zeenat amir Amir says

    How can I join u sir .I also wants to become pilot

  42. Waleed Naseem says

    bro matric based pilot bnay mein kitna kharcha ata hy

  43. ehsan elahi says

    Behtree video.

  44. AyeshaMian says


  45. Burhan Shahid says

    Ietne Voice Overs, For what reason????

  46. Burhan Shahid says

    Yea a320, ka Konsa Version Hay???, Iess ke Wing Tip Different Hay then the usual A320 has

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