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This cinematic film is a selection of memories during 3 weeks into the wild of Costa Rica in 2016. We crossed the country from north to south and east to west my girl and I. We found lots of wonderful little places along the trip, meeting friendly people and live an unique experience in the middle of wildlife.
Costa Rica is probably one of the best place for nature lovers. We will return.

See it in 4K 🙂

More pictures on my Instagram:

Filmed & edited by Antoine Janssens

Music by A Thousand Years – David A. Molina

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  1. antoine janssens says

    Thank you so much at all for your support ! It's those kinds of comments that make me want to continue and make you discover even more amazing places

  2. Fernando Rojas says

    Pura vida es Costa Rica

  3. fandahejsky says

    Hello, I am beginner videomaker. Recently I posted a video on youtube, I would appreciate some feedback and constructive critism. https://youtu.be/KJ_7kVOh1FE

  4. Mintje BE - Traveller says

    What a nice footage…great editing.

  5. ღPink Creamღ says


  6. mahdi manafzadeh says

    i love this

  7. Maria 91 says


  8. Popular Air Travel says

    We miss some moments of life because of our inability to concentrate on the beautiful!

  9. Minh Trần says

    can i use this music for you If yes, please give me the link, thank you!!

  10. 06 Geek says
  11. Mohassenbabu Babu says


  12. Dayana Sofía says


  13. Charles says

    Beautiful. You inspire me – these are amazing

  14. Un latino sin más says

    Costa Rica is a paradise on Earth

  15. Craig Hutto says


  16. Cinthya Zamora says

    Quien vino por la tarea de ingles? :u

  17. Susann Grön says

    So amazing! Love also to Travel. I have also done some videos on YouTube, not so good like this one but I did my best!

  18. José David Quintero says

    Dude Im from Costa Rica and this is EXTREMELY awesome, glad you came! And I hope one day I will be as good as you editing and filming! This kind of stuff inspire me to continue making vids

  19. JayBird 7225 says


  20. Josh M says

    Thank you for coming to my country and making this beautiful vídeo ♥️??

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