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Travel Amsterdam in a Minute – Aerial Drone Video | Expedia


This video shows some of the highlights of Amsterdam and its canals. See the compact city from above with the aerial drone video shots and zip through with a fun time lapse travelling around Amsterdam’s top attractions. Enjoy!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A city rich in history and culture. Visit all year round and experience each season’s unique highlights and special atmosphere.
Amsterdam will enchant you as much with its beautiful historic cityscape, as with its vibrant and laid-back atmosphere.

The city has earned its reputation as the Venice of the North due to its network of semi-circular canals spanned by hundreds of bridges. In fact it has more canals and bridges than Venice. E

njoy the fascinating museums and café culture during the day, and join the crowds in the many bars and clubs at night. You’ll always feel welcome in this multicultural capital, where anything goes.

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  1. Uswatun Khasana says

    Wow amsterdam is one of the beautiful city in the world. Really, I wanna go there for relaxing. Btw ,maybe you wanna see the another persepective city in the world, thats my town, cirebon city, from indonesia. Cirebon City is one of the regions in indonesia which has many Dutch colonial heritage buildings. Help me for subs and share. Thanks

  2. Cristian De filippo says

    Metti like se sei Ita

  3. fly_lex - BS says


  4. MARRA78 says

    Great video! Can i please use it on my channel? Can you send it to me?

  5. Russian lad says

    Finally a nice video showing the city in a beautiful fashion.

  6. Cornelius Tacitus says

    Shitty music.

  7. Aloïs says

    Hi there, how can I contact you? I would love to use some footage from your video for a school project if I may.
    Please let me know how you feel about that. Love Ella

  8. Life writes Stories says

    can we use 10 sec out of this video?

  9. Albert Langendijk says

    Wat is er in Amsterdam aan de hand ? Het is niet meer zo leuk als vroeger.

  10. Sjoerd Wess says

    How high was the vine for flying drones in the city? 😉

  11. Andrew Fine says

    Hi Expedia! I was wondering I could pull a maximum of 10 seconds of your footage for an Instagram Story?

  12. Nabilo Art says


  13. Tantra Massage Dubai Kundalini Yoga Tantric says

    Just discovered this lovely drone video excellent top marks for your editing also

  14. Nav Jordaan says

    My city❤

  15. SimpoLUL says

    Besutiful iwant to make video like this

  16. Rodimus Prime says

    the video is 2 minutes

  17. Pvl xa says

    Incredible city! ♥️

  18. Nicolás González Aranda says

    The music is perfect for Amsterdam

  19. Joshua Balata says

    Dear Expedia, Can I use your drone footage for an experiment on Instagram?
    It will blend in perfectly with the story I'm telling. It'll be awesome if I can. Please say yes! (If you don't respond, I'll take that as a no)
    Thanks either way!

  20. Juana Carmona says


  21. Chris Burger says

    Great city

  22. Evelyn Harb says

    Amazing video!

  23. antonio singh says

    Great drone footage would love to use some shots for a short film if possible please get in touch

  24. samuel rai says

    Netherland is Really beautiful and the video is very good ?

  25. Corbett says

    Great video! Can I submit music to be featured in one of your future drone videos? I have a song that I think would be a good fit. (It's the last upload on my page.) Thanks for considering!

  26. Hi Hai says

    Very interesting video.

  27. EvageliAiga says

    hi what do you have to do to get you to fly your drone in Amsterdam?

  28. CjcroftPlayz says

    In 2 minutes*

  29. Dan El Diablo says
  30. Marcelo Peregrino says

    Amazing video! Lovely city! I amsterdam!

  31. Daann says

    My country really is beautiful. I didn't even know. Dutch people aren't fast proud of what they made or did. but this surely is something we should be more aware of. Thanks

  32. Tothix Tul says


  33. Harsh Dave says

    Wow The night view is beautiful In Amsterdam. Still I fall in love this city . ?

  34. Alberto Pena says

    hola¡ podría coger 5 segundos de este video para hacer uno yo, gracias

  35. ibrahim mugwanya says

    Beautiful country!

  36. Hi Hai says

    Beautiful colours! You should check out my landscape aerial videos when you get chance.

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