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Travel – 2013 trip to Sapa, Vietnam P10. Rov mus saib Hmoob Sapa. (HD)


Sunday Market..
Better Vdo, if view in HD 720p. Every corners we turned and everywhere we go, we wanted you to see and be with us… thov txhob cem nawb.. zoo li cas los lam saib mog..

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  1. HumbleGolds says

    Do you feel safe in Sapa & on the train to? Do you have folks you know b4 you go there?

  2. HaibTshajHaib says

    The food don't look clean. It would me straight to the bathroom

  3. Lazy-Lion says

    beautiful, they still dress in their cultural clothes. great video.

  4. Nina Vang says

    Hi! My husband and I are planning to visit Sapa in February 2014, can you give some tips and contact for us?

  5. Hmonggodwetrust Hmong says

    Hmong Suav thiab Hmong Nyab Laj tsis tshua txawv deb pes tsawg. Lawv cov lus los puav leej hais zoo ib yam. I believe that some of these Hmong Viet just move there from China….

  6. Ywjpheej Thao says

    When did you went there?

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