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Trash Talking Old Man EXPOSED! 1v1 Basketball Rematch!


Looks who is back… Here we go again…

Episode 1:

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Here we go again… ?‍♂️?

  2. MizifyX says

    Bro I swear imma slap the old man through the phone ??

  3. Kyrin Ford says

    Man stop cheating

  4. Jelani Collins says

    This guy is hilarious deadass ?

  5. Teddy Harblin says

    Bro there like fuck COVID-19 lol? let’s play basketball, same with me.

  6. Riley Smith says

    I mean, I won’t argue with the fact that he’s better than flightreact.

  7. Trav D. says

    Chi town Paulie acting sucks and is hysterical at the same time. He plays defense like big Vito on the Sopranos.

  8. Bosss mendoza24 says

    Every white excuse “ come on I gotta go eat dinner “

  9. Badapple414 says

    By far my favorite video fro T Jass. I am in the "old man" category but I could never be this annoying.

  10. Alex Macdonald says

    The proffeser wtf ??????

  11. Don Don says

    Well that's tough and racist what the old man said

  12. Sacr3d. says

    who else searched up worst jordan’s ever made cuz of that one cut scene

  13. Mikey Johnson says


  14. Daniel Patterson says

    I push like any way even though u miss lol

  15. PatTheMat says

    Now this is funny contant contant that every body wanst to see

  16. PatTheMat says

    The can’t even beat a new born baby

  17. Douglas Marshall says

    Is that Michael Scarn from threat level midnight?

  18. ZZZ- -Rez says

    Yo ong if that was me the first time he would have pushed me i would have beat his ass on sight

  19. Mighty Ninja says

    Yes I have seen it

  20. José Molina says

    And please don’t play this fool again! ??

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