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Trash Talking High School Hooper EXPOSED! 1v1 Basketball in LA!


Trash Talker Challenged me to 1v1!

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I played basketball at The University of Oregon, Pepperdine University, & Rice University. #PayThePlayers #BlackLivesMatter

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  1. AJ Lapray says

    Finished up a workout with JLaw and then this High School hooper wanted the smoke. I low key played awful, but it was a fire game!

  2. weiss9263 says

    noyone wants to see that scrub play wtf. aj vs friga is what we wanna see

  3. Tim Caulley says

    “I think we found his weaknesses” as the kid hits rim on a 3 ?? next 3 aj airballs it ???

  4. Diarmuid Brady says

    The kid is nice

  5. Eamonn Locke says

    That kid is mister excuses but I respect his hustle

  6. That Guy Who Loves BBall says

    He isn't like other trash talkers. He's actually good.

  7. Bishop Mency says

    My boy giving them buckets with a farmers tan ?????

  8. 1 2 3 Four Five says

    He's talented but his attitude is a coaches worst nightmare

  9. Patrick Ford says

    you could tell aj was getting pissed

  10. Jim Morales says

    he probably watching this and laughing on him self like that bro is so talkative but no skills

  11. THE-MED says

    Rematch. Dude's quick as heck but can't shoot.

  12. isaac barrock says

    4:40 that was savage

  13. russell phun says

    Many people can finish at the rim, very few can shoot… It is so valuable if you are a good shooter.

  14. Michael White says

    Lol… I love it

  15. A Y says

    Where do you guys look (what do you guys look at), when playing offense / defense?

  16. Pablo Escobar says

    Aj is a bum for cheating

  17. bob says

    Nice video bro. Just some criticism. The camera movement was bad, almost headache inducing. It would have been better if the cameraman was further away from yall and not moving the camera around so much.

  18. Quinton Rogers says

    That was a clear turnover young dude is such a whiner

  19. insane guava says

    no offence but mikey williams can probably beat aj

  20. kyle parsick says

    yeah that's not how 1v1 is played. This must be new everyone gets a participation trophy shit.

  21. Dan Tae says

    AJ a beast. He just lets his game talk for him.

  22. Emeka Okaforize says

    The camera shaking is making me nauseous ?

  23. Yihong Zhu says

    This kid is just mad that he lost

  24. Omer ELNEFEIDI says

    It's supposed to be his ball

  25. Lukkaip ϟ says

    he got speed and stuff but he cant shoot tho

  26. Anon 100 says

    Brick city for both players lol. They built a house together

  27. thannvel says

    You can't talk trash when you can't score from mid-range lil boy… stfu

  28. T_ _A says

    My boi Aj is so nice he doesn't even know how to trash talk

  29. Just A Mo2v8ed Guy says

    Hey if you are ever in the boot holla at me so we can get some 1’s going. Would love to put your game to the test!

  30. Rahat Ahmed says

    I want to see Aj play Mikey Williams now

  31. Boogie Bear says

    I like this vid make more vid with this kid lol (team up with him like d vontay friga with doodatv

  32. Joel 0078 says

    He almost beat you ???

  33. Racso88e says

    Trash talker and complainer. Kid has a lot of work to do.

  34. Rando Bando says

    10:45 jlaw looking to risk it all

  35. Ariel Jacobs says

    lmao title should be the other way around, mans barely beat the high schooler

  36. Paul Mitten (mbvglider) says

    He's actually got some skills. He can defend, and he got handles. If he gets a jumper, he'll be a hell of a 1v1 player. He needs to cool it with all the arguing, though, or nobody will want to play him.

  37. Sameem Bashir says

    9:23 that was disrespectful

  38. Logan Wendell says

    Damn I didn’t know AJ was soft soft

  39. INEZA MAXIME says

    This dude seems like a nice guy (the trash talker)

  40. Nikola Nichovski says

    Trash talks but he is a hella good player

  41. BoogieDaGiant says

    Damn AJ you traveled on the first play of the 1 v 1 out of that triple threat..it’s all good tho

  42. FIRESQUAD says

    This kid was so annoying bro

  43. P Money says

    Kids gotta get a mid range jumpshot after crossover at 3:24

  44. Mike Dee says

    Highschool kids had some solid handles and speed but AJ should of drove on him and use his size when he started missing

  45. Josiah Hill-Perry says

    4:52 trash talker accidentally mastered the perfessors tornado pull

  46. Vladimir Ochoa says

    Went from "blow by him easily", to "please give me a rematch". XD

  47. Bad Knee Sportz says
  48. scrappy spazz says

    Bruh he gave him the ball three times?

  49. Timothy Giang says

    they rlly called turnover on that bad check

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