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Trash Talker Tried To Fight Me! 5v5 Basketball At Venice Beach!


This dude tried to fight me at Venice Beach! I was just trying to play basketball…

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Hey guys! Let me start off by saying thank you because we are almost to a million subscribers! But whenever people are talking bad to you or about you… Just prove them wrong… No need to say negative things back! Love all you guys!

  2. Gazda says

    He sour as hell cuz hes bald and old

  3. Clutch Gaming says

    Me thinking I broke my beats somehow

  4. Raymond Pace says

    Home weak for that then you did all that just to get another L under your belt.

  5. Felipe Costa says

    Nice man, that's what dudes like him deserves, getting ankle breaked!!
    But u should definitely learn some boxing tho, is great and is never bad to know how to defend yourself from attackers ???

  6. LANo says

    Um, wtf is up with the audio? Who would watch this without audio?

  7. Ashuai啊帅 says

    Bruh the sound or the mic is off dude

  8. robert Déniro says

    Why does the sound cut in and out? And stay out for long periods of time?

  9. robert Déniro says

    Where's the sound at?

  10. Jacques Espadron says

    Learn how to box bro and hit the weights they not gonna fuck with you rt ?

  11. chandler whalen says

    Never hoop against some dude wearing jeans on the beach in Cali lol that’s like fighting a homeless person, it’s a lose lose even if u win lol

  12. Nathan S says

    Real hoopers wear sandals and jeans. ?

  13. Jeff Pospy says

    Hahaha… made that boi look like a b!tch

  14. Charlie Jones says

    Trash talker:it’s not gonna be good footage. Tjass: hits a 3 in his face

  15. fluvienne Risette says

    Would he have reacted the same way if TJ was black ? fkouuurss not suckers

  16. Arush says

    6:48 When your mom says you can’t have Mcdonald’s for dinner tonight

  17. LIL PARTWO says


  18. Angelena Wilson says

    You going to let him slap you in the face so sad

  19. Kia _Spammz says

    What is wrong with the audio

  20. JustCallMeKobe says

    Got to get in that ring that what I did to defend myself ????

  21. Job Bot says

    Yo I thought I was crazy but ig nah the audio cut out

  22. Wes Steinfeld says

    TJass can't fight for his life it's a good thing he doesn't even try lmaoooo… Bro would get mopped with his own hair. And his gf ugly ass cackling in the bg… Sound like the wickeder witch of the west. Nah im jp TJass i respect you and letting your play do the talking ive been in many of these situations and I just take em to school instead of resorting to any type of violence or anything. Good shit ?

  23. Zevose says

    Bro you shouldn’t have edited out the copyright music it makes this video hard to watch

  24. Zevose says

    2:40 sound comes back

  25. Raziel Cisneros says

    You could tell homie with the jeans was gonna be a hacking machine, i mean, hes in jeans! I liked how tristan blew by him every single time. Game always has the last word

  26. David Sprague says

    All u can do with people like awnry is compliment him on his great defense tough on T.J will make T.J better I met people like that they have issues with people period.my brother same way just TESTING the new kid out to prove he is better.

  27. Ssg says

    I thought my speakers broke LOL

  28. ABHI SHEK says

    who else checked the comment section as soon as the audio went off

  29. DieRod says

    It sucks that this vid got copyrighted!?

  30. Jonathon Walker says

    Maroon shirt had a dunk contest ??

  31. Steve Ming Money says

    I legit restarted my phone two times. Then started to google about why my iPhone speakers aren’t working ?

  32. theinsolentlynx says

    It’s simple, he is a racist black man. ✊???

  33. Loui Vee says

    bro u should of cracked his dumbass but then again ur smart bot not dooin bro

  34. thatjuan kid says

    T jass when nothing excited has happened
    "This the part when you try to fight me"

  35. Dally Studios says

    How a dude with some jeans and Converses’ try to talk junk to you on the court ?

  36. Moses Magati says

    I must hoop at Venice Beach

  37. OGsmashsauce says

    why the audio?

  38. Beef Bossboi says

    Some audio would be amazing or put some subtitles come on

  39. Den T says

    You are a real Man Jass!! Keep up the good Skills on the Court! Very Impressive!!

  40. Thegoat ll says

    I felt bad for the dude in the red lmao he was just trynna play but Air Force 1’s over there was being a sorry bitch

  41. Zero GeekinZeek says

    I did ??? i thought my speakers blew out

  42. X-Ghost- 22 says

    That loud mouth moron got OWNED!

  43. KillaMC305 says

    Big Man Kobe was the MVP of this video hands down

  44. Karvar Hays says

    i swear if a short kid with a perm dropped me off with a volleyball line shot i tried to fight too??

  45. Christopher Macareno says

    No volume

  46. J Search says

    Oh I finally get why the audio is gone!!

  47. sdude913 says

    He wanted the camera off so he could beat you up without video evidence

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