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Trash Talker Gets PISSED & EXPOSED! 5v5 Basketball!


I went to a gym to play 5v5 basketball and this happened…

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Thanks to Movement Hoops for filming!

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Another trash talker dude….???

  2. Toju David says

    At 4:14 I literally cried

  3. Shshs Svssbdnm says

    is corona not a thing to you

  4. Shshs Svssbdnm says

    having fan meet ups like a dick duck

  5. Shshs Svssbdnm says

    he gonna get rona

  6. Ogie Baltazar says

    I wanna guard you TJass

  7. Bj Go Braxy says

    100% black Air Force 1 energy coming from him

  8. Jeremy Rafuse says

    Dude is like James Harden ?? no D and brinkin 3s

  9. Asada32 says

    23rd from crip

  10. Chris Indermuehle says

    West Bend, my Family stomping ground!

  11. Purple_Reign says

    They thought you couldn't hoop but at the end you signing shoe?

  12. Saksham Gurung says

    Teacher: You have to write a 10 page essay.
    Me: 2:30

  13. Tristan Jass hoopS says

    Big fan bro

  14. RJ Crooks says

    Dude was moving on that screen ?

  15. Ethan Hayn says

    Watched the first few seconds and knew this was gonna be a juicy video ohooooo

  16. Michael Cang says

    His enemy is always trash talker

  17. Micah Tv says

    Tell them to put a shirt on

  18. lil swaggy says


  19. Woodpecker Heating & Cooling says

    Ol yella runs out of talent

  20. Trap Star says

    what ymca is this cs mine b bitching about having no shirt ?

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