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Transfer data Android to Android 2018


Ad: Use this Phone Transfer tool ( to transfer data from Android to Android, iPhone to Android.

This video will show you how to transfer content, such as music, clips, photos, messages and contacts from Android to Android in 2018 using the Samsung Smart Switch software.
In this video we transfer data from Oppo R11 to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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  1. Musa Masih says

    So you download smart switch on which one the old one or the new one why don't you say so

  2. Nicholas Trigili says

    very well done very clear and concise unlike many you tube videos I,v watched

  3. brian leach says

    I've been searching all day to transfer data to my new samsung and this video got me there easy peasy style. Thanks very much.

  4. ocean says

    Help me i don't have a cable or wifi

  5. B Tomas says

    This app is one-way only. From (old)phone of any brand…to….(new)Samsung.
    example> (old)Samsung to (new) Samsung….or…..
    (old) LG, Huawei, etc. to (new) Samsung.
    Will not work like this:
    (old) Samsung to (new)LG, Huawei, etc…..or
    (old) LG, Huawei to (new) LG, Huawei, etc…..

  6. 7th Major ray Harris Henderson says


  7. Cecil Carruth says

    Hi I search for 4 hours lost in the web, then I fount you very easy. Do what he says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  8. lukaku lukaka says

    Very good video

  9. Raster McPootis says

    This Australian accent is so good! XD

  10. Roberto Liwanag says

    can you transfer from samsung to android or only android to samsung?

  11. Jack Dorris says

    Can this method be used to transfer 'saved pages for offline' reading to a new phone. I do not mean 'bookmarks' but rather the saved pages. Thanks

  12. Nereknu Vamnic says

    Nother usseless trash only compatible whit samsung WHY THE FUCK DO YOU EVEN POST THIS SHIT!!

  13. RevTricks says

    Can this app transfer images and video gallery too?

  14. Abdikadir Nuh says

    Thank you. You save my day sir.

  15. Claudia says

    Thanks for this video!!!! You made it so easy for me.

  16. Gurkan Aliyev says

    There is better version: https://tii.ai/gbFkv

  17. Ravi Haryana says

    Yaar eh smart switch install kaha se hoga

  18. Grooti Fruiti says

    That helped me so much thank you!

  19. Israel Ogunmoyin says

    Thanks, it is the best,

  20. Demetrius Palmer says

    Is there a way I'd still be able to transfer data to my new phone if my other old phone is broken or doesn't work anymore

  21. BigNub says

    If I just wanna switch between 2 phones, is this possible?? I mean I want the data of phone 1 move to 2 and the data of phone 2 move to phone 1…. ty for , !

  22. CryoLuke Plays says

    Anyone watching here

  23. अमित

  24. अमित

  25. cling clung says

    how to transfer the facebook to log in in another phone now cuz i forget my password

  26. Casinator says

    is there any way to copy the phone number, or does the app do it too?

  27. mario herisson says

    Transferring from Galaxy J1 mini to Galaxy A50. The process has been on 99% for the last 15 minutes. Any suggestions? Jazz

  28. X FIRAS GameRZ X says

    I'm using Samsung j7 and I want to send data to my vivo y11….. I hit send data at Samsung (old phone) and then there's no receive data on my vivo…. I tried to do it anyway… And it is not working…. I follow the off or on Wi-Fi but it doesn't work… Can you help me? I can't do it

  29. jaeminsbigfatjuicyassmilk says

    I have the exact same models

  30. anil2 says

    Smart Switch doesn't open on my moms old phone. Its a Huawei and transferring to an S10. What gives??

  31. Francisco Javier Juarez Garcia says


  32. kasa says

    Ofc it only works if you are migrating to Samsung device -.- Wouldn't want to help people that are moving to other brands.

  33. Giacomo Aprile says

    Blimey m8

  34. Danny Vey says

    Nigga this shit ain't work wtf!

  35. FLOODOFSINS says

    This does not work on my Android phone with Oreo 8.0. after clicking wireless it does not give me any options to receive. It does not allow me to change any settings other than click wired or wireless

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