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Train – The News (Lyric Video)


“The News” from the new album ‘a girl a bottle a boat’ – out January 27th. Pre-order the album and get the global hit single “Play That Song” + 3 other new songs instantly on iTunes or Amazon, or listen on Spotify or Apple Music: CD/Vinyl bundles available

Watch the official video for “Play That Song”:

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Train proudly supports Family House

Directed by Tyler Rabinowitz


Are you seeing this?
Was it your breath or kiss
Upon my neck like this
Just like you took my dying wish
Now I’m all covered in red from your lips
Tweaking from seeking the way to your hips
Schizo from your finger tips
Can’t seem to stop this twitch

Are you tuning in?
The crowd is hollering
Jump, jump, jump again
Camera crew is wearing thin
They wanna see me explode upon, emoticon
Oh don’t you see the road I’m on?
I’m real bad, can’t quit
Baby, are you seeing this

Baby, turn on the news
They’re talking about me like I’m going crazy
Baby, turn on the news
Press record when I say it
Just in case I don’t make it home

Are you following?
Local 5 or CNN
They ask me for my next of kin
Oh I’m a wreck-ening
They think that they should lock me in
A rubber room and then
Make sure I don’t hurt myself or someone else or even worse, a nurse

Are you getting me?
They think that I’m crazy
But baby this cold straight white jacket
Don’t even phase me
Oh I was playing them, tried to give me lithium,
Didn’t know that I could swim
Home again
Come on baby let me in

Baby, turn on the news
They’re talking about me like I’m going crazy
Baby, turn on the news
Press record when I say it
Just in case I don’t make it home

Flashing lights blinding all my sights
don’t know if I’ll make it through the night
when you see me on your screen
then you know just what I mean when I’m saying

Baby, turn on the news
They’re talking about me like I’m going crazy
Baby, turn on the news
Press record when I say it
Just in case I don’t make it home

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  1. Penny Lane 420 says

    Gotta love this song….fresh new styles in his music …

  2. Sergio Reyes says

    55 amen

  3. Suppa Xmann says

    Mood: 😔😔😕😢

  4. A. E. Noneya says

    Wonderful song!

  5. Cloud Fellowship says

    I love this song so much 🤣

  6. Dena Meneades says

    This should be the Kardashians theme song.

  7. Cameron Prior says

    This was my favorite song from this album. By far.

  8. Jessica Adriano says

    this is beautiful

  9. Ferdinand Hartono says

    How is this getting views less than 1 m :v

  10. Heidi C. Franks says

    marooned 5 time! wth happened #Trainwreck At least they have some great past album's can always listen to. Buy them all for less than a lawn ticket price now a says. Oh It's getting harder and harder to breathe! I still hope it does well they work hard but #notforme #notsomuch #SAVEthetrainguys JMO only! I know some will love this and that is great! Respect all opinions

  11. Devan Guel says

    Anyone else came here from David Dobrik

  12. Mayts Lladone says

    Finally found this song!

  13. Terence Jordan says

    I love this song and album.

  14. Jean Huard says

    I love this song this voice for me it is a hit.

  15. Anna Does Things says

    This is so good, new jam

  16. SandyBlJ says

    Very disappointing. The good old Train songs had feeling and melodic imagination; this one has none of these, it just has a "contemporary sound". It's a quite hollow recording exercise, a commercial concoction. As in: "We used to make good music, now that the inspiration has dried up, we focus on making money".
    Look, YouTube has such inept songs by the hundreds (if not thousands), and I have no reason to go around making negative comments on them. Here, it's different, because I LOVE Train, and I'm saddened to hear them taking such a nosedive.

  17. Retard Show says


  18. Josivan Santos oliveira says

    Q musica e essa????????😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Mohamed Ali says

    the song fucking rocks ppl why tf all the hate for……they used to rock and still do smh

  20. Cristina Luptaciu says

    Marius Moga pentru cunoscători 😜

  21. John Brien says

    This song sounds like a crappy Justin Beiber song with some stupid one direction lyrics.

  22. Robin says

    I think Play That Song is the only one I don't like in the new album.

  23. Cory Joseph says

    this guys music is underrated

  24. Kerri Kirk says

    Train me and my mom LOVE YOUR SONGS we would die to go to your concert 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. mike maldonado says

    what is this, amtrak?

  26. haley jo yarbrough says

    I looooove this song!!!!! Love you train :)))

  27. Ferdinand Hartono says

    Train needs to be more popular

  28. Sloogles says

    Y is this song not on the radio?

  29. Ve Flynn says

    Just love this band………..

  30. Subham Shrivastava says

    This is such a beautiful song. great job the train, always been one of my favorite pop rock bands.

  31. Ambirly Pyrah says

    In case no one has noticed, Train consists of only Pat now. Jimmy and Scott have left unfortunately. So Pat is making his own sound now. Power to him. It doesn't make him any less of an entertainer, he's always phenomenal! Plus, I think it's the same kind of music, just with a different sound behind it. Their very first album was rocky, but there were a few smooth vocals in there with a rocky beat. Train hasn't disappeared guys, you just have to close your eyes and sing along and dance 🙂

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