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Tracking Climate Extremes Around The World In 2019 | NBC News NOW


NBC’s Al Roker takes a look at some of the wildfires, floods, hurricanes that hit communities and climate records that were broken in 2019 and what it could mean for the future.
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Tracking Climate Extremes Around The World In 2019 | NBC News NOW

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  1. monarchbuterfly6 says

    What documentary 66 degrees

  2. BeUnotTVrobot says

    please somebody this is not the Stone Age tell Lester to stop asking for subscriptions repeatedly verbally repeating over and over after every freaking video that's what your career came to Lester asking for subscriptions like a little high school cover girl singer wow Stone Age

  3. BeUnotTVrobot says

    No girl, the mass extinction will be ww3 99 percent of the population is gone.

  4. Nicole Cordova says

    Trump doesn't believe in global warming! 😵 He is destroying eco systems with that wall! He has invested in so much on fossil fuel! 😔 The world won't survive leaders like him! 😔

  5. Dylan Heckman says

    Crazy to see how many people actually care…

  6. Worm Man says

    Fake news

  7. 23 . 10 says

    was it true though , and if yes , why were birds dropping dead , fish died too , but that drop dead was interesting , i’ve seen a few or precisely two videos of people dropping like that , it was assumed it’s that virus

  8. klfmc rjn says

    Well done humans. Thank you very much.

  9. XaFaH XaFaH says

    weather manipulation we all know how the elite pedos are causing these extreme temps nothing new

  10. Sammy says

    The earth is aways changing.

  11. Heckler Koch says

    Useless report

  12. DL 248 says

    But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came. . . to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” Revelation 11:18.

  13. Bestoink Dooley says

    Australia is burning now. And thousands of square miles were burning in Russia. It's unprecedented.

  14. Peter Torbay says

    'Climate Chains' is a 21st Century Bolshevik virus. Gore bred that AGW virus in the lab and weaponized it with Inconvenient Truths, under a compliant carpet-bmobing media. Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu Deep State understood the huge profit potential, like Flaming Doritoes.

    Ten years of continuous, relentless indoctrination,and often violent clashes with the 'Deniers' and 'Apostates' and 'Heretics' who saw through the con. But it took a Royal, Prince Andrew, to engage child-actress Gerta Thunberg, and inject her directly into the main vehicle of global policy, the UN. It's only a matter of time now. My little town is ready to enact new legislation this January, BANNING fossil fuels after 2035. 100%!

    Think of the incredible metastasizing mental disease this AGW virus has unleashed! Yet we're all still at the First Stage of Grief: Denial. We think that AGW will just go away. Uhh,…NOPE! Climate Chains Denialism will be labeled a H8 crime in 2021. Watch. By 2024 Bolsheviks will have taken over, 75% of paychecks to IRS, …before Carbon Tax!

    It's not about the Science. It's never BEEN about the Science! It's about the incredible run-away past-the-tipping-point $4,742 billion burn rate totalitarian Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu Scientocracy. The New Carbon Catholic of an Anti-Democratic Millennial Apocalypse.

  15. A Wolff says

    it's literally like the world is standing two feet away from a ticking time bomb and we are just doing nothing as the clock runs out

  16. Gary Norton says

    Facing a mass extinction? Isn't that what the illuminate is hoping for? Aren't those the elite Trump is fighting?

  17. Vlad Dracoson says

    I would like to remind you all that there is no longer any need to worry. The world ends very soon, and there is no longer any reason to worry about your credit score, your bank account or your job. Buy what you like, do as you wish, catastrophe is only days away now.

  18. Bryan Booker says

    What I dont get is they say "recorded history" and thats what, maybe 100 years of accurate recording? That's nothing when trying to draw conclusions about how earth temperature changes over thousands of years.

  19. irish327 Rose says

    Greta??? Really???

  20. jerryw66 says

    wow, this is almost believable, but not.

  21. jerryw66 says

    These are such lies, In the 1920s, much of the world was hotter than what we're seeing these days. The researchers ignore and even destroy the data of those heat waves of the 1920s and 30s. I've seen newspapers from Australia with temps far above what these guys say are record hi temps. Don't be a fool and fall for these idiotic greedy scam artists.

  22. Patrick Dolan says

    Time buy house boats

  23. JETT MNXD says

    Ohh don’t worry who cares about this all people want is money 😒 fook you you really think money will save you from everything? You are dead wrong

  24. Michael Johnson says


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