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Touhou 2 – Music #09 – Marisa Kirisame's Theme ~ Love-coloured Magic


With my computer fixed, I’m going to be uploading Touhou music along with my playthroughs.

As Touhou music being some of the best video game songs ever, I’ve decided to take the jump to upload a huge amount of Touhou music. So over the next few weeks, I will be uploading quite a bit.

Touhou and it’s music was created by ZUN.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. J. Kamizato says


  2. Rain 777 says


  3. Kumori Cloud says

    This really fits her!

  4. Raisins In a Bar says

    red hair marisa best marisa

  5. Javier Soto says

    Only one word: Incredible

  6. Seija- chan says

    Her name was only kirisame

  7. Axel Ryder says

    And "Maiden's Capriccio" first appeared in Lotus Land Story before Immaterial and Missing Power.

  8. Dark Kijin says


  9. Psydkik says

    So essentially "Love-colored Master Spark is a remix of "Love-Colored Magic?

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