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TOR Fashion – GEMINI Weapon Tuning


Video showing the GEMINI Weapon Tuning from the GEMINI packs

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. יוחנן בן-יעקב says

    The sound aspect of the tuning is the reason I'm getting get, gives a badass ambiance.

  2. nicko boy says

    Hi Tor fashion what was the first outfit displayed at start of video?

  3. MCThr33pio says

    Wow it is sad how unimpressive the vast majority of weapon tunings are. Yuck.

  4. Vinicius Nogueira says

    Hi TORFashion, thanks for this.
    But you guys could show the sound it makes when you use skills.

  5. noam almog says

    what is the crystal in the vented lightsaber?

  6. Geege says

    You gotta tell me how you get that Robotic on the first character

  7. Phil Cowin says

    Thanks for this TOR Fasion, I'll keep my damaged tuning 🙂

  8. Edward C! says

    Nice effect but not as dramatic as the lightning effect. I expect this to be cheap on the GTN.

  9. Sierra November says

    whats with the underwater horror movie soundtrack on it?

  10. Anthony Ingram says

    That Black Core/White Crystal…how and where can I get it?

  11. G Studios says

    not bad,but i still think there should be a red "foggy" dark side energy tuning soon XD

  12. GOOD VIBES says

    Pretty underwhelming. Thanks for the video!

  13. - says

    This looks best on the Gree event dualsaber (aka saberstaff) with a white crystal.

  14. The Wolf King says

    i just sank £25 ( my self imposed monthly cross- game allowance) into packs for the defiant lightsaber and recieved literally nothing of value. :<

  15. Zavathon says

    I honestly thought the recently shown dark side tuning would be in this pack, how many hypercrates this time?

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