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Top 10 Unplayable Deliveries Ever In Cricket History 2020


Here are the top 10 unplayable deliveries in cricket. This include the top most swinging deliveries in cricket ever. It also includes best delivery in cricket ever. This video also consists the best delivery ever bowled in cricket. And it also has the ball of century by Shane Warne.

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  1. Afghan Latest says

    Where is the reverse king? WAQAR? HE MUST BE IN TOP 3

  2. abrar khaliq says

    For me
    No. 1, wasim akram because they win the only world cup because of this nack 2 back 2 deliveries
    No. 2, irfan because they deliver the hat trick ball which was really unplayable
    No. 3, Asif because they bowl really well in that Series

  3. philip lam says

    Amir's delivery was unplayable because watson did not play?

  4. Adventure point says

    shoaib Akhtar is zalim love you shoaib

  5. Florence Kayina says

    Tu kahi Pakistan Ka toh nahi?? Or bhi bohot sare bowler hai.. Bheju unke video tuje…. Zadatar Pakistani bowler ko list meh rakha hai

  6. Ghulam Mustafa says

    No doubt about that James Anderson has delivered the mor unplayable deliveries in the world.
    Very intelligent and inventive brain.

  7. Saket Chawla says

    Chutiye…zaheer is not india ka wasim akram….he his Zaheer Khan of india….don't ever compare our bowlers to yours

  8. Asfar Asfar says

    Bro if u don’t mind India waly ham Pakistan walo ko bolling ka papa bolty hny hamry bolers ny b kafi bar hat tricks kiii hny so ap ko Muhammad asif ko zaheer ki jaga rakna chaiye tha

  9. Amer AMIR says

    paka chece lapra phra

  10. Pastry Kings says

    Waqar younis kahan hey bhai in swinging Yorker ka founder. Banana swing ka master

  11. Fun&Trend says

    The only irritating thing in this video is your voice.
    Kam bola kar bhai.

  12. Fun with Mujtaba says

    from where u get these clips without copyright??

  13. simple j says

    Look like, a classroom for mentally disable student, learning about the history of cricket from a village school teacher. Anyway as for deliveries, nice collection.

  14. Kamran Rizvi Jami Toronto Canada says

    اور وسیم اکرم کی وجہ سے ہم ورلڈ کپ جیت گئے
    جس کا خمیازہ یہ قوم بھگت رہی ہے

  15. Abdulhaque Khan says

    Bro apna urdu tek karo plz

  16. Sania Ayesha says

    More Pakistanis in this list
    The land of pacers ?

  17. Allen Jones Styles says

    Best delivery: reverswinging yorker

  18. Mohit Jain says

    Miya tari aabaj suooar jasi hai

  19. Syed Qamar Naqvi says

    You spent so much time and energy to compile such a fine video. But it is SHOCKING and sickening that you can not even pronounce name of many cricketers properly.
    About time we accept that in free you tube one can come across some of most un imaginable third rate commentaries.

  20. Virgo 1976 says

    Bowling mn wasim Akram,Shane warne,Glenn McGrath,murli dharan,waqar younas,shoib akhtar, were artistic perfarmers ..thanks to these magicians of cricket ball..

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