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TOP 10 Travel Tips & Tricks From A Flight Attendant


In this video I will be sharing 10 TRAVEL TIPS you probably didn’t know about that will hopefully make your next trip easier!

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  1. Trendastic says

    In my page you can watch how to open a forgotten number lock in suitcase

  2. TheVanishing87 says

    Great tips! I honestly didn’t know you could get burned on a plane mainly because I never have before. But I suppose there’s always a first time for everything, right? But anyway I was wondering if I can bring my own food on the plane? No offense but I’m wary of airplane food.

  3. Nicklas says

    Thanks this is so helpful I am gonna fly today ??

  4. Sergio Sanchez says

    Very nice tips and very beautiful girl. Never check in a bag, always a carry-on. Greetings from Mexico ??.

  5. Ruthann Caldwell says

    Im going on a plane for the first time to fly to NC any advice for my anxiety

  6. Sophie Benson says
  7. Miss. Kindergarten says

    Teachers want the free headphones for students in class who don't have their own 😀

  8. Jaliah White says

    The ppl who disliked probably can’t afford to ride a plane lol

  9. Ruvim Orlovz says

    Which airline

  10. Kristen M says

    I’ve traveled on more planes than I could count, I’m fair-complected, I try to sit window as much as possible… and I’ve never once been sunburned lol.

  11. Livia Carv. says

    Great energy??❤️

  12. Ryan Russell says

    “Pack an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on”

    Extra? I don’t wear underwear. How do I pack extra things that I don’t use? I’m so confused.

  13. C J says

    A large dog collar also works like a J-hook. I paid $8 from one of the 5&10 stores. Bring a small toiletry bag: baby wipes, deodorant, travel toothbrush, glasses.

  14. Jennxification says

    Wear long pants on the plane because Scabies are a real thing and I always spray my luggage with bedbug spray because even though its probably not full proof I figure a bedbug would jump on someone else's luggage before it jumped on mine.

  15. milda pocius says

    I took a flight to Finland last summer and they started boarding early. By the time they were supposed to board everyone was boarded onto the plane lol

  16. blackoutkiller says

    Are you aware of airportviewer.com? You're welcome!

  17. Melissa KBK says

    This was legitimately helpful! Thanks so much! I love that you included sunscreen, too!!

  18. Davey Givens says

    Extra underwear? I know what you're doing! =O

  19. Péter Tóth says

    80% is useless the rest is obvious this video is a waste of time

  20. Dick Ritchie says

    Actual useful information.

  21. Dom C. Ouano says

    I always have an extra pair of socks, boxer briefs, & tank top, wrapped up in an extra t-shirt. Fits perfectly in one of the little pockets in my camera bag. Haven't needed it yet, but always feels better than insurance.

  22. Amy Bahre says

    6am flight coming up ?

  23. Emerson-Shea April says

    I always thought you had to use airline headphones vecause they have the 2 prongs to plug in, and normal head phones have 1.

  24. RatFink 2017 says

    Good stuff…but, better to say "You MAY not know", rather than0 "You PROBABLY don't know".

  25. Welsh Lad says

    Excellent advice. Thank you ❤️✈️

  26. Brandie Brown says

    Any tips for anxiety? I really get it bad when switching planes I always feel like I am going to be left ….

  27. karbear26 says

    I think my bag has a jhook on it and I always forget to use it!! I’m going to try and remember to use it when we go to Florida end of March!

  28. Angela Clements says

    That was interesting and helpful especially the map of the airport. I only fly a few times a year and whilst I don't mind the flight airports terrify me.

  29. andy bosik says

    #1 Travel Tip: Don’t travel on an enclosed plane, Ship or bus with other people until the Corona Virus has blown-over!

  30. Hannah Foster says

    Me, has only been on two trips by plane in my life with no plans on going anytime soon, still watching this and enjoying it

  31. Holly Miller says

    FlightAware will also tell you what Gate the plane enroute is leaving from and arriving to.

  32. The Interface says

    Why exactly do we need sunscreen? Glad blocks 97% of UV radiation and it’s not like sun is pouring through the window on most flights. Maybe I’ve never flown at right time to get a sunburn. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  33. Naomi Harrison says

    These are really good tips! Thank you.

  34. Lakota Stewart says

    Hi! I don’t know if you’ll see this but in June I’m flying from St. Louis to Orlando with a connection in Philly. I plan on bringing just a backpack or a small duffel as a carry on. My connection is only about 40 minutes and I’m worried about making it. What do you think? There really isn’t much else available for my price range/ preferred travel time so I’d love to avoid changing flights if possible

  35. 212Roger says

    Sunscreen is not healthy…

  36. Amalia Rincon says

    I learn this the hard way. Before you travel to a foreign country, find out where the nearest US embassy is located. I was in Mexico City on vacation, when they had the 8.1 earthquake. We lost all communication to outside world for 3 days, all roads, airports were close.family back in states did not know if we had survive. Now I know, u report to your embassy and they will notify your family.

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