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TOP 10 Things to Do in LOS ANGELES – California Travel Guide


In this video we’ll show you 10 best things to do in Los Angeles.
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Here are our top 10 things to see in Los Angeles:
⭐#1 0:19 GRAND CENTRAL MARKET with food emporium and retail marketplace opened in 1917. World’s shortest railway ANGELS FLIGHT is just outside the market.

⭐#2 1:06 OUE SKYSPACE LA is California’s tallest open-air observation deck with breathtaking views towards Los Angeles with 45-foot all-glass slide (Skyslide) nearly 1,000 feet above downtown LA.

⭐#3 1:47 GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY features space and science-related displays, for example, Tesla coil. It has an amazing view of LA and Hollywood sign.

How to get there, where to park:
Tesla Coil Demonstration (days, hours):

⭐#4 2:21 HOLLYWOOD SIGN is one of the world’s most famous landmarks and a cultural icon overlooking Hollywood.

⭐#5 2:57 AMUSEMENT PARKS: LA offers several exciting amusement parks: Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc.
List of amusement parks:

⭐#6 3:33 HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME features over 2,600 stars embedded in the sidewalks. See also TCL Chinese Theatres, featuring handprints, footprints, and signatures of some of the Hollywood’s biggest stars.

⭐#7 4:06 BEVERLY HILLS is one of world’s most famous upscale places to live and shop. Visit famous shopping street Rodeo Drive that became immortalized by Julia Robert’s “Pretty Woman” shopping spree.

⭐#8 4:49 SANTA MONICA PIER is a large double-jointed and over 100 years old pier. Don’t miss the sign on the pier marks the end of Route 66 and Pacific Park with famous Ferris wheel.

⭐#9 5:30 VENICE BEACH. Venice is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood. Also visit the Venice Canals nearby that mimic the canals in Venice, Italy.
List of best beach places:

⭐#10 6:21 ART AND MUSEUMS, for example, LACMA, John Paul Getty Museum, Getty Villa, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, etc.
Randyland (Phantasma Gloria):
List of museums:

Of course, there are numerous other things to see in Los Angeles. 🙂

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  1. Hungry Passport says

    ? L.A. travel guide (Kindle) ? http://a-fwd.to/5h1n0Kk
    ☀️? Check out all our videos on L.A. ? https://bit.ly/2Y8RPXQ

  2. Places to Discover says

    Love this video! So much to do in Los Angeles.

  3. The Zera Horn Show says

    Born and raised in LA, moved to TX for four years and moved back last year. NO place like LA. A true melting pot of forward thinking people, hard workers, hard lovers and adventurists. Even married with kids there is ALOT to explore.

  4. Recardo Ramkishun says

    Who wants to live in L.A.?

  5. Ruben Fernandez Horta says

    some of these places reminded me the gtav, great video, i am learning english and understood everything

  6. BMW_M3_F80 says

    I’m In A plane to L.A ??

  7. b h meena says

    I live in Los angeles and I am seeing this ??

  8. Violet says

    I wanna go there SO badly!!????

  9. Cat Cat says

    seems boring 😐 , why is this place hyped? cause the druggy parties they find lit?

  10. Paola Garcia says

    Hijo hablas como el Donald trump?

  11. mr_lightning0880 says

    Hi guys. I'm a massive fan of GTA 5 on the ps4. As some of you know GTA 5 is based in California and mostly LA. The map is so realistic that alot of the real life locations look the same in the game. I know the in game map like the back of my hand but iv never been to Hollywood/LA in real life. So I'm asking anyone that can answer me. Where are the best places in Hollywood/LA to see that are big in GTA 5? Thanks in advance

  12. shaik ahmed hussain says

    You forgot madame tassaud museum

  13. Allyssa Marie says

    I'll wait until Im old enough to visit all of these places..

  14. Andrey Martins says

    Tryhard são gays no GTA on-line

  15. BeatyMeaty says

    i thought this was los santos for a moment XD

  16. Serix P8D says

    Can you walk up to the sign that you're standing right in front of

  17. steven simon says

    Great job but I wouldn't have left out the Original Farmers Market

  18. BrawlBro says

    Favourite thing is go to Huntington Beach, play beach volleyball then have a milkshake.

  19. MrJax HMB says

    i love the car museum

  20. Jarmal Jubiz Benítez says

    Go to warner brothers

  21. beefy gains says

    been in LA and I have a lot of cars my name is franklin

  22. henrikhansen says


    I would NEVER forget to REFUSE to take the Angel's Flight !!

    In respect for history in general and the long lost Los Angeles Bunker Hill area in particular I would never use the now so called Angel's Flight and thereby endorse turning such an authentic piece L.A. history into an amusement park feature.

    Face it: Angels Flight was lost the moment it was decided to initiate the plans of flattening Bunker Hill – and thereby tearing out the soul of the city – all for some glass, steel and concrete office buildings – which very well could have been placed anywhere else.

    I am only saying this because I want L.A. to preserve it's history – and therefore I have NO problem planting A HUGE KNIFE in the back the illusion that Angel's Flight still exists.

    If it does then Disneylands's castles are truly medieval 😀

    Learning can be painful – but it is the only way to get to appreciate the true values already in possession – and not just fake Taiwan copies

  23. Paula Cristina de Oliveira Sampaio says

    If I'm gonna travel all the way to the USA I want to eat american food, hence mc donalds… hahahaha

  24. MissCC says

    I want to go to la for my birthday

  25. not your typical birdie :D says

    everyone is like : i live in la ,
    i am like : luckyyyyy i wanna go there so bad but i live in europe belgium :/

  26. Yunjie Hong says

    2:17 This remind me of walking down the hill. I was so exhausted at that time and took a rest on a branch. The trail is reeeeeally long with zigzag patterns. So I planned to leave before the sunset but failed… But anyway it was a good trip

  27. hennig cathy says

    video damn

  28. hennig cathy says

    naz video

  29. Clementine.C says


  30. x213la says

    I live in San Diego I was born in la

  31. a. t. says

    please do not forget the South Bay area: San Pedro, CMAquarium, Korean Bell; Palos Verdes, Wayfarer Chapel, Terranea…. we love the area ..and you can travel to Santa Catalina Island!!!!

  32. los Angeles metro kids says

    Well my favorite place is Los Angeles Union Station

  33. CryOffical says

    going to LA is my dream

  34. CryOffical says

    it GTA guys

  35. CryOffical says

    Aka GTA 5

  36. abbael carro says

    the park near Chinatown la

  37. Mustafa Gündüz says

    bruh we only see this place in gta

  38. Gabbie Cook says

    As a dancer, L.A is definetly one of the places I dream about going to.

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