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Top 10 Pre-Race Mishaps in F1


Sometimes, we don’t even need to wait for lights out for the action to begin in F1. Take a look at ten pre-race moments that brought out the shocked faces and carbon fibre.

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  1. Man says

    Post the races online

  2. Kincior says

    Alonso and his Honda McLaren?

  3. High School Graduate says

    You mean to tell me Pastor never wrecked before a race?!

  4. Paoloh says

    People can hate on max all they want, but the main reason why he sometimes loses control in the warmup lap is because he's testing for grip on the track. This is risky and will result in an occasional spin, but it's one of the things that make his race pace so fast.

  5. salchichitas4k salchichitas4k says

    you miss grosjean at azerbajian 2018

  6. Juan Jose Pulido Plascencia says

    Que pedo todos los carros son iguales

  7. daapz says

    MVP for Verstappen's crash was the mechanic team.

  8. Michele Compagno says

    1996 French Grand Prix DNF for Michael Schumacher was worth to mention, as his engine failed during the formation lap. He had even qualified P1…?‍♂️

  9. accomify says

    Factoid about Coulthard's spin: There was an almighty pile-up at the first corner and the race was red-flagged, so Coulthard was able to start the race from pole after all at the restart. But he retired from the race anyway. Later that year, he had another embarrassing accident when he crashed coming into the pit lane during the Australian GP. Team mate Damon Hill one that race by 2 entire laps – the biggest winning margin since the 1960s.

  10. dougiedoug3515 says

    I’m sorry Rubens brakes with his right foot I’m confused can a Brazilian explain this to me is it even a Brazilian thing or is Rubens just backwards

  11. elbeto191291 says

    Grosjean: I think Ericson hit us

  12. Ben Fairhall says

    What does the t car mean? Did they have access to a spare back in the day? Only been watching f1 since 2014

  13. TenorCantusFirmus says

    1996: French GP, Schumacher was on pole position when his Ferrari's engine failed midway throught the formation lap.

  14. Jeffrey Vences says

    Boy did Coulthard love to spin his car back then ???

  15. kidpagron primsank says

    Where's T-car?

  16. Leo Whyton says

    This wasn't a mishap.

  17. Nuno Cópio says

    Missing the French GP when Shumacher broke the engine on the formation lap-

  18. T NG says

    Where is M Schumacher’s engine blow up in the formation lap of French GP 96?

  19. Corban Dallas says

    Love watching Grojean crash ??

  20. Junior Hulzebos says

    Wowowow. So they can choose to have brake/acc pedal left or right?

  21. Larrykr2 Racing & Fanf says

    Didn’t Mika Haikonen crash on the formation lap once?

  22. szewei85 says


  23. choppereight says

    Max’s crash from this year should have been number 1. Incredible effort from the team to have him start the race, and an incredible drive from Max

  24. Amaroq Starwind says

    1:49 Red Bull shows off their new DAS implementation, but it only works on the left wheel.

  25. Nicolas Garcia Yebra says

    somebody forgot about US GP 2005

  26. Gseric47 says

    At first I didn't remember the Grosjean crash, but when he grabbed his helmet exiting the car out of pure frustration I remembered almost instantly

  27. Alexander Owen Eaton says

    Grosjean crashes
    Gunther: WANKER

  28. mrloop says

    I think Ericsson hit us.

  29. Memewind_Gaming_420 says

    Indianapolis 2005

  30. Frosts says

    rubens barrichello uses his right foot for breaking???? what the fuck??

  31. K K says

    anyone knows the tracks names? find them kinda cool – also the pictures of course

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