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Top 10 Most disgraceful incidents in cricket | Simbly Chumma


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Top 10 Most disgraceful incidents in cricket | Simbly Chumma

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Concept by – Harish.V
Researched by – Harish.V
Narrated by – Vandana
Edited by – Vignesh Ramachandran

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  1. Shammas Tk says

    Shame on Eng

  2. Prajwal Jadhav says

    New Zealand Has Always Been On Epitome Of Most Gentlemen like Team!!

  3. Divyansh Singh says

    Australia have won 5 world cups but they deserve none..
    New Zealand have won none but deserve 5

  4. Saeed Talib says

    what was wrong with Rashid Lateef? Appeal is the right of every player. he did the same. empire should acknowledge it properly.

  5. Rob K says

    I see nothing wrong with the underarm ball at all… It is in the rules, anyone can do it, it is a legitimate tactical option and was smart. Many sports have their version of "running out the clock" by stopping the usual flow of the game.

  6. Ray Maynard says

    Under arm sand paper Aussie cricket ? at its best

  7. Vishnu Vardhan B says

    England lol

  8. vinay verma says

    Even our indian team is the best team

  9. Maximilian Mason says

    The English aren't disgracefull.

  10. Kamal Mohan says

    Poor audio, audio keeps interupted, edited and half complete

  11. Hari Ram says

    Cry babies England players. Collingwood wanted Grant Elliott to be given out for the clash. Then he begs to Vettori to withdraw the decision. Same happened with Ian bell vs India run out in a test match. Cheap cricketers are from England.

  12. Akshay S S says

    If you stop the background commentary it would be better.

  13. Hema Madhavi Mocherla says

    I think England and Australia are most cheating teams England cheated in 2k19 wcc

  14. Priyank Sanghavi says

    Shame on Engand for such gesture..
    NZ hats off..

  15. Viral Content says

    Australians.. they now not that strong but atleast they know there limits

  16. uma majhi says

    No.8 still remember it. I hate them

  17. Ishan soni says

    Australian team once a cheater always a cheater ??

  18. shan siva says

    You woman, just shut your mouth up and just show us the video which would be self-explanatory to everyone.

  19. G K P says

    And u r saying in intro with full attention that cricket is not a gentleman game anymore? Do you know how old clips are you showing? And one more thing its all game part and cricket is emerging and new laws are coming after incidents there are so many good sportsmanship you can find in cricket but you won't see that cause you are just here to get some views. So, shut your fucking english and watch cricket with peace and don't try to deviate the viewers in other way.

  20. Nice Guy says

    Wait, your telling me that underarm throw was legal? Then why can't the bowler do that the entire match? He can will by not giving a single run.

  21. SniperzNest 1 says

    No 3 should be 1st, I think the girl is rude

  22. Druva Kumar says

    Dennis Lillie : @$####$# &_#_@&#& ????
    Javed Miandad : ?????
    Umpire : Don't fight Guys !!???
    Javed Miandad : HE BEAT LEG ME LEG…I BAT HIM HEAD..I NO NO WRONG ?? ?? ?

  23. Akshay Basavaraju says

    Gee English team playing dirty against good guys New Zealand and getting their way. When has that happened. Oh dang…

  24. Ney Ling says

    S Raina If sportsmanship has a Name

  25. Sagar Reddy says

    Why is that most of these incidents are of Aussies…

  26. Vadivel Vel says

    Aussies worst in their cricket history.

  27. Frantic Productions says

    Nonsense on 'bodyline' – this woman's voice is grating !

  28. Pavan Kumar says


  29. Prince Chakraborty says

    Cheating master Australia…

  30. Northwest Lights says

    After watching aussies in this video now i have to believe that spring in pointing's bat rumour was true LMAO

  31. Jean Holder says

    Australia love to cheat and play dishonestly for many years

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