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Top 10 Greatest Racing Games


It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile; these are the greatest racing games of all time.

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  1. Gloku says

    Should’ve had the sonic racing game on here and Midnight club is #1

  2. CyberThug1080i says

    Xbox Series X is Better.

  3. Jacob . says

    What about 'Sega Allstars Racing: Transformed'?

  4. Windows 2050 says

    ???Trash list

  5. Matthew Cool says

    Driver: San Francisco is an underrated gem, imo.

  6. Jesus martin Gutierrez says

    You can’t have a top 10 racing game list without having Burnout 3 Takedown be at Number One

  7. Phillipe Ribeiro says

    Top Gear, your is the best, for Brazil!

  8. Ahmet Yahya Akın says

    Road Rash ❤️

  9. Yadu Govind says

    Road Rash ❤️

  10. randy54746 says

    Burnout 3 reigns supreme

  11. A- ROD1299 says

    Mario Kart will Forever be up there

  12. massabeeste says

    I really loved Motor Storm on PS3.

  13. JoCoKuAbO GAMEPLAYS says

    Driver San Francisco in a top 10 racing games???

  14. LPjunemark says

    Most wanted is the goat of NFS

  15. TronShadow says

    u forgot Flatout

  16. the king says

    Crash team racing nitro fueled ??

  17. Starbuck says

    No wipeout 2097 ?

  18. Nismoleb89 says

    Burnout paradise > burnout 3
    GT4 > GT3

  19. Emanuel Castanho says

    Where is Speed Demons from Microids? xD

  20. Rostam says

    No love for Motorstorm ?

  21. Diogo Sousa says

    What a great video. Text, narration, montage, all excellent. Well done.

  22. Bakayaro Konoyaro says

    Dirt Rally is well. While it's difficult to play, it's not as boring as the other sim racers.

  23. MR_ JZ_12 says

    Would kill for a newgen version of street rod. Was such a great game.

  24. Or1s says

    No one rally game? Richard burns rally, colin mcrae rally, dirt rally or even arcade sega rally? How about sim racing? iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa?

  25. WhØ Is This Dude says

    Never expected Driver SF would make it. Really Happy.

  26. Fein says

    Top 1 best racing game ever: playstation vs xbox

  27. Mr.Gamer_1234 says

    Best racing games are : Rush 2 extreme racing USA
    Project Gotham racing 2
    Sega gt 2002
    Gran turismo series
    And Daytona USA 2 power edition :)!!

  28. rJaune says

    Project Gotham 2 really got me interested in racing games on console. As far as arcade was concerned, it was Daytona. RoOOolllinng stAARRRRTTtt!!!!

  29. Ross mathias says

    Takedown 3 deserves to be no. 1 but EA is so greedy and selfish that they made a remaster of paradise and not takedown 3. That's EA for you

  30. nights _ says

    so glad burnout 3 hit the top spot!

  31. Personally I think F Zero GX is the best racing game I've ever played, and maybe wipeout should have got a shout out as well

  32. Martijn Estor says

    Yay, love it that Driver: San Francisco made the list!

  33. Nanbo says

    Forgot the rock'n'roll racing…

  34. Hico says

    Luke Reilly is the best!!

  35. ALMF 3512 says

    Hot Pursuit 2010 and Burnout Paradise should be in the list(But Burnout Takedown is also great)MW05 was too overrated

  36. Hazem Amad says

    Me feeling bad that NFS heat isn't on the list.
    The crew 2 :Hey what's up?

  37. Tim Magnus says

    Most wanted 2 is the best

  38. Maik Lopes says

    I miss you so much, Burnout!

  39. 20GRIZZ20 says

    Going into this I had Gran Turismo as an easy number one pick, but I’m 100% alright with Burnout 3 taking that spot. I had forgotten just how ridiculously enjoyable that game was to play.

  40. Titan X says

    San Francisco Rush, Cruisin' USA and Hydro Thunder are some of my favorites!

  41. Supercar-Phantom says

    Tdu2 should definitely be on that list

  42. Alexander Vasin says

    1. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    2. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    3. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    4. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    5. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    6. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    7. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    8. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    9. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)
    10. Test Drive Unlimited (2006)

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