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Top 10 Craziest Reactions on Lionel Messi Goals & Skills | HD


Some crazy reactions to Messi’s goals & skills. Think we all have reacted this way watching the G.O.A.T.

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  1. Adrian Hernandez says

    El ídolo de Messi es Ronaldo Nazario! ??

  2. Lucas Bonnald says

    The goat ?????

  3. Dell Cenks says

    Best player in the world ever..!!

  4. md amin says

    neymar best skill vdieo

    watch it: https://youtu.be/0UOuGo8bCt0

  5. Fogaça TV says

    O Messi é foda!
    Postei um vídeo com os gols dele..
    Peço para passarem em meu canal. Muito obrigado ♡


  6. Sunaina Shajil says



    Rjkkard played for ac milan ?????????

  8. Solo Bd Traveler says

    Lionel Messi LM10 like?
    Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 comments ?

  9. Jomaleca2005 Leon Manrique says

    Para que discuten tanto :Messi es el mejor jugador de la historia del futbol hasta hoy por esto: es goleador, es jugadpr , es rapido ,tiene endiablado dribling, resuelve con genialidad, asiste muchas veces,,con pelota parada es un mpunstro algo mas…

  10. cauli FLAaaa says


  11. Frank Rojas says

    vamo puyol

  12. Son Albertz says

    You can say he not same as Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, and any other top player in the world, but just watching him drible pass any player on field gave me a goosebumps lol, it like watching an art in random museum. You can't describe it but you just watch it..

  13. Si sd says

    Goal against Getafe was partly lucked, the moment another player touches the ball in a situation, it‘s luck when you push through.

  14. 2pakrulz says

    Maradona had one goal when he dribbled everyone from the middle of the field, Messi has a collection. A player who is a matchmaker a great freekick taker and a technical striker. In my opinion Messi is the best player who ever lived.

  15. Tech Rohan says

    Anyone having that incident video of messi when they fall on ground they look everywhere but no one help to stand up the guys then they stand up by self.. What a attitude please give me the clip please ?? if anyone having

  16. GamerGirl 1 says

    Poorly edited video.

    As im reading the subtext, the video has already showed the clip

    Either put the subtext description PRIOR to showing the clip, or dont put the description at all


    Thumbs down for another shitty video job

  17. Antonio Vazquez says

    That #8 was INSANE!!!

  18. Eno -Tech & Facts says

    Who are the best artist?
    –Messi's father and mother

  19. Nodirbek Qurbonov says


  20. THE LEGEND says

    ارجو منكم الاشتراك في القناة، كل مايتعلق باهداف و مهارات الاعبين في العالم و شكرا جزيلا https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9ZA6aAKjn8&t=51s

  21. Luciana Dominguez says

    Messi es el número 1
    Ronaldino 2
    Cristiano el numero 3

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