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Top 10 Bad Boys in Cricket History Of All Times | Cric Star


In this video you can watch top 10 bad boys in cricket history of all times.Cricket is a gentleman’s game but sometime’s player fight with each other and behave in a bad manner.Due to their bad behaviour they are considered bad boys in cricket.

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  1. Jameel Ahmed says

    Did Umar akmal understand anything of tino best? ?

  2. HBSUMAN says

    Australian cricketer is the badest players in the world ever ?????????

  3. Ayush k y says

    WTF where is David Warner & virat

  4. jishnu s says

    U miss sreeshanth

  5. Slim Shady A.k.a Marshal says

    at 3:27 you got it wrong mayte, seems like Sehwag was the boss there.. ?☻

  6. Rohit Kajal says

    Umar Akmal Did'nt understand whst Tino Was Saying((ENGLISH)) ???

  7. Sujoy dey says

    Annoying music

  8. Ravi Shankar V says

    Where is sreenath, virat kohli

  9. Arshad Saudagar says

    Where is dhoni against bangladesh

  10. BAS KARAN says

    All 10 places goes to Australians only they don't know what is respect too…

  11. sajib333 says

    Indian NIga Shivag yet to know the rules of cricket for running between the wicket. You can't of course expect better than this from a moron!

  12. H Ah says

    Why the awful music

  13. Srikanth Reddy says

    Where is Virat man…I thought Virat would be first…

  14. Bikram Biswal says

    Australia are the best sledgers in the world..????

  15. Darshan Sawant says

    Shane Warne by far is the bad boy ??
    He has abused players on the field
    Pulled their tshirt
    Pushed them
    Had a bear on field

  16. govardhan R says

    Ravindra jadeja is not bad boy

  17. Cricket galaxy says

    Ms dhoni is the best he is my favourite cricketer

  18. GAMMING KING says

    Bhai wahab raiz ko nahi.

  19. Patita Paban says

    Music kam kariye aapne video me

  20. Hari Krishnan says

    The bad boy is not Pattison it's shewag ??

  21. Haris Saleh says

    That's why shoaib akhtar is called as "The Don of cricket" and " The Gangsta"??
    Fearless man❤️

  22. Kartik Malik says

    You are very bad video

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