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Tokyo – the capital of Japan and the epitome of the word “megacity.” Our travel guide to Tokyo will help you plan an unforgettable stay in the city.

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In this vast metropolis, ancient traditions blend with futuristic buildings, and your #Tokyo #sightseeing will showcase each and all. Visit the temples, splash out in the shopping districts and dine in style.

A #vacation in Tokyo means joining the 35 million people that live here, many of which you’ll meet as you #tour its many neighborhoods.

Explore Asakusa, a temple district nestled in leafy trees with skyscrapers towering in the background. There you’ll visit Nakamisi Dori, a street loaded with food vendors and religious charms. Get to know the Harajuku district, home to cutting-edge fashion, a thriving, youth-centered culture, and the famous Yoyogi Park. The park stands out in stern contrast to the rest of the neighborhood; this sprawling, 134-acre green space is where locals slow down after a frenzied week of work and play.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. The most important thing she didn’t say about Japan was you need to wear a mask from the virus they had iJapan has had the coronavirus for a very long time when I went to Japan in 2016 I came back sick I got the virus when you watch this video you see Japanese wearing masks when I went to Japan so many were wearing masks when I was there this now explains why the Japanese people wear masks in this video they call themselves the cleanest country but dangerous country China and Japan are dangerous to visit

  2. For travelers who are interested in visiting TOKYO JAPAN, I just start uploading YouTube to take up spots and shops in TOKYO! Also, we will provide you with more recommended information which only natives can offer you. I look forward to meeting you all in Tokyo!!

  3. tokyo is so huge and its very cool place
    shibuya is a time square for tokyo japan
    its nice to travel with london paris or new york city

  4. Actually, the first port to open two ships from abroad was Nagasaki in the 1500s back when Christianity was illegal and foreigners had to live on Dejima. Yokohama opened to ships in the 1880s.

  5. I wonder why Japan population is so high. Since this is a modern and rich country. If their brain working for industry to make such advancement. it should work to control the population too.

  6. i have only 3 places i want to visit outside of india and they are athenes, florence and kyoto i love japan and its tradition (i know its a video about tokyo) love from india

  7. Hi! I'm Japanese.
    well,I don't recommend live in Tokyo.
    because,Tokyo is there are too many people. also, Tokyo's land price is very expensive.
    (Tokyo's average land price is 1,039,873¥/㎡
    this is about 10,250$)
    so, If you live in Japan, I'll recommend live in Osaka or Nagoya.
    because, don't have to pay experiensive money. But please live in suburb.beacuse, both land price are so expensive.

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