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Tokyo Travel Guide


Our Tokyo travel guide! We finally made it to Tokyo and it was worth the wait…
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Thanks to our friends at Japan Airlines ( for getting us to Tokyo on one of their amazing 777-300s. They have the biggest economy seat in the sky and the food was AWESOME.

We’ve been waiting for years to get to Tokyo and it was worth the wait – what an incredible city. Breathtaking scenery, incredible food, and friendly people – this is our best episode so far. I cannot wait to get back to Tokyo. Watch in full HD glory!

Where we stayed: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

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  2. Mimi Mimi says

    You didn't mention how expensive the airport shuttle is! I think I paid like 60 bucks per person, and I'm not the last stop on map. It's ok at the end of the day as long as I get to my hotel, and I knew and prepared that everything is gonna be expensive in Tokyo, but still shocked a bit. and no uber in Tokyo the time I visited.

  3. Ordaydım ordaydım says
  4. Jim Ciutto says

    Why didn't you go to Comme des Garçons flagship store in Tokyo? I would go

  5. Justin Mckay says

    The anime "Your Name" makes me want to go to Tokyo. I wanna go to the places that actually show up in "Your Name."

  6. A Dean says

    Tokyo is the place where new technology and traditional cultures live together… and anime which I love

  7. PS5 PS5 says

    Tokyo looks amazing…

  8. Alex Paterson says

    Going to Tokyo is my dream

  9. Scott Jaso says

    I'd love to go to Tokyo for the Olympics

  10. yutsuneki says

    I like it when you're saying "Tokyo is quantifiably the best food city on the planet" and distracted by the moving dishes lol

  11. Itz Cookies says

    I live in New York City but I have a question is the train kinda the same in Tokyo

  12. DraLisa Smart says

    Which restaurant for the Kobe beef?

  13. Andrew B. says

    Your guides are bloody brilliant mate. Well done.

  14. August Hayek says

    This is so well made. I love to see you doing Kyoto.

  15. ayoldguy1 says

    At 14:55, I couldn't agree more. Wife and I travelled to Tokyo in May and that experience was most definitely a line in the sand for me. Great video, keep up the awesome work!

  16. M. Nurhaikal says

    Man. This is, without a doubt the best travel guide channel on YouTube. Straight to the point. No bullshit.

  17. Vito Scaletta says

    What's the name of the song at 14:03?

  18. MaD LiFe says

    Gonna take me 36 years lol

  19. Adams and Adams says

    Where was the rock show featured at the end of the video? I would love to see something like that when I head to Tokyo.

  20. Dhaval Jangla says

    Is japan only about food and gettign there on Subways and taxi's and things like that why can't we see what igood to see in Japan ?

  21. G L says

    Mate , what can I say , your narration and how u do it videos is one of the best I've ever seen , no ego funny n great info , I travel a lot and like to watch these videos, really glad I subscribe, funny ,cheers mate , thankyou

  22. Bren Bertozzi says

    I went to Tokyo in 2011 and had the exact same reaction. I would wake up at 5am and go walking around the city. I found a tunnel in my hotel that led to another empty hotel with a grand piano and would play it in the empty ballroom and reflect on my experience.

  23. nowgaku says

    finally here

  24. regfregf says


  25. Jonathan Partridge says

    Great guide Alex – btw I think I'm in love! Arggggggggggh

  26. eastcoastloveaffair says

    you're standing about 3x too close to the camera

  27. Yash Upadhyay says

    Especially love the "not tipping" part

  28. Freckles & Galaxies says

    him talking on the train made me so anxious lol

  29. Nikko Pascua says

    damn you guys have the best quality travel guides I've come across so far. Been binging on Japan travel guides and yours are ?????? THANK YOU!!

  30. Daniel Johnson says

    Still by far the best review of Tokyo. Thanks Attaché!

  31. Jordan Grant says

    Would £800 last 7 days in Tokyo just for food and travel costs ?????

  32. Mohammad Ejaz says

    We are finally here in Tokyo ❤

  33. Mark Shelly says

    Really great review! Thank you.

  34. O de Kirei says

    Love your videos 🙂 Viewer friendly and humor brings a smile to it! Quick tipster on ATMs in Japan, you can also try the Aeon Bank ATMs (inside Aeon supermarket or Ito Yokado) to withdrawal cash. Of course, convenience stores like 7 & I (formerly 7 Eleven) will always be a travelers friend!

  35. Ed Delgado says

    Love your videos! You give out a lot of great info, really appreciate it!

  36. Daniel Herrera says

    Omg! You’re so right about being a traveller before and after Tokyo ?

  37. Ruth Tubau says

    I’ll be in Tokyo for the first time in 2 month and already so excited! Anybody knows where did he eat the Kobe meat?

  38. Viperkal says

    This guy did a very good job in this Tokyo Travel Guide video.

  39. 5Oblivion says

    I had the immense pleasure of visiting Tokyo over Christmas and New Years in 2018, and you’re absolutely right Alex – every city I visit from now on I’ll compare to Tokyo, because it is quite simply, the greatest of all. The sights and sounds are distinctly Japanese, the atmosphere exudes harmony and order, the different districts have their own unique characters, the transport infrastructure is effortlessly easy to use and above all, it was just plain old fun to explore. I’ve made it my mission in life to come back here at least one more time before I die ?

  40. Arka Jatmika says

    if someday i visit Japan i want to meet with doraemon ???

  41. Timothy Bumgardner says

    Amazing live stream Drew !!! Especially the last part. Hope you had a good time at that last bar. Hmmmm ….. Keep putting those vids out. I will watch them all. Take care Drew. Be safe always.

  42. Mark Agnes says

    I wish you had your own tv show

  43. Valerio says

    You should do also a GIRL section 🙂

  44. Sweetie_ 90 says

    Thank you for this video. Very helpful:)

  45. hairegu says

    Nice concise video about Japan travel!

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