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Tibet Vacation Travel Video Guide


Travel video about destination Tibet.
Tibet is a relatively little known and mysterious land of snow high up in the Himalayas that borders Nepal, Bhutan ad India. It is protected by the highest mountains in the world and is a region that has developed a unique society whose philosophy, art and religious faith have earned much interest and respect.Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and also its largest city. The Barkhor Road extends for eight hundred metres around the Jokhang Temple and nearby Tsuklakhang Square. For the faithful a visit to the Jokhang Temple is the highlight of a long and arduous pilgrimage and the Dalai Lama once sat in its inner courtyard during the monks’ annual final examination, which was also a splendid festive event. On the other side of the Chakpori, a small mountain opposite Potala, is the seldom visited Sang Gya Thong Ku Temple that is somewhat hidden away and therefore off the tourist trail. This ‘temple of a thousand images of god’ is nevertheless very popular among devout Buddhists and is a place of silent prayer. The Yarlung Valley is full of history such as possessing the oldest field in Tibet, as well as the oldest village that is located at the foot of the country’s oldest fortress, Yom Bu La Khang, the rock palace of the country’s first mystic king. One of the largest monuments in Tibetan architecture is the unique Kumbum Chörten, a three-dimensional mandala that can be entered. Eyes decorate the upper part of the Stupa. The ritual walkabout begins on the lowest level with simple deities then follows the entire Pantheon of Tibet, immortalised in both sculptures and wall paintings. Despite Chinese influence, Tibet is still a religiously devout country with a fascinating monastery culture and amazing natural scenery. Tashi Delek! Happiness and Blessings!On the “roof of the world” one is always close to the gods…!…

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  1. Tibet Travelers says


  2. brunnentor1 says

    Very scenic country I didn't know how beautiful Tibet is.

  3. Ian Oliver says

    I love Tibet and the Tibetan people. But I shall never, ever accept the invasion and takeover of this beautiful country by the brutal Chinese regime. Even today the Tibetan people are treated like second rate citizens and the practice of Buddhism is, to a certain extent, curtailed. Have a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in your home, and the local police find out, you shall be arrested, bullied, beaten up, tortured and thrown in prison. This is the reality of Tibet today my friends.

  4. Hm Jeong says

    Never been to Tibet perhaps afraid of thin air bring your own oxygen being to Swiss Alps didn't need oxygen there although some tourists didn't take the tram car up they gave us their tickets!

  5. the phoenix 315 says

    Free Tibet!!!

  6. Silvio Roberto Macedo Leal says

    O Eremitão?

  7. Silvio Roberto Macedo Leal says

    O Eremita?

  8. Final Account says

    So chinese are here too. No good things are left untouched by their virus government ??

  9. Amaziah of Judah says

    Great to see how the People's Republic delivered freedom and prosperity by ending the feudal theocracy.

  10. Te Ya says


  11. the phoenix 315 says

    Love to Tibet from the UK!

  12. ଅନ୍ଵେଷ ପତି says

    Free Tibet

  13. the phoenix 315 says

    Let Tibet be free from China!

  14. David Bohem says

    It's occupated by China you idiots!!!

  15. Eri Caudieus says

    If we go to tibet and want to buy some thing..
    We need to speak english or chinese language or tibet language?

  16. Felix Bruyns says

    Do NOT go to Tibet (or to nearby Bhutan). Tibetan Buddhism is actually the darkest, most evil and controlling kind of Buddhism. The Nazis were obsessed with Tibetan mysticism, as was Aleister "The Great Beast" Crowley, all kinds of sick "Tantric" stuff goes on there (and Bhutan), and advanced mind control came to the West through Tibet.

  17. A.amruth Amruth says

    Tibet is the colourful country and beautiful …Look like paradise of the world.I like so much.

  18. ชื่อเล่นสอน says


  19. Errolea brown says

    And life was so calm that they could remember where they came from in their past life, floating gently from one life to the next. Life certainly has changed but could be that peaceful again.

  20. fracture inpet says

    thank the chinese goverment

  21. Luu Ly says

    Cảm ơn rat nhiều

  22. nicolas artheau says

    Chinese propaganda for tourists.

  23. maroob alakrama says

    the best I watched ever , very informative.
    very butiful and harmonious, music and narration.
    thanks alot for your output

  24. shared account says

    nice documentary, where is the travel guide?

  25. kencho zam says

    ????✨love to visit …..some day?✌

  26. Tenzin Drenpa says

    just hate china

  27. Richard richa says

    Save tibet from chines

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