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Tibet Qinghai Express Vacation Travel Video Guide


Travel video about destination Tibet Qinghai Express in Tibet.
The Third Millennium marked the inauguration of a unique train, the Tibet Qinghai Express that travels from China to Tibet. A railroad through the Himalayas on the ‘roof of the world’ and the highest railway line on earth that leads through breathtaking landscapes from Peking to Lhasa. The journey lasts about forty eight hours and includes two nights on the train.The journey begins on a road that for much of the time runs close to the railway line and travels across the high mountain passes of the Kulun Mountains and at a height of nearly five thousand metres above sea level is a remote high plateau that lies within an earthquake zone and often encounters severe snow storms. The train winds its way higher and higher from one high plateau to the next up to snow covered mountains and into the “home of the gods“. Along with the Great Wall Of China and the Three Gorges Dam, the Tibet Railroad is one of China’s greatest structures. The trains travel at the highest speeds that are possible on permafrost, a hundred kilometres an hour and sometimes even up to a hundred and twenty! The Tibet Qinghai Express has already turned many dreams into reality and in future years even more passengers will experience this magnificent and unique experience.

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  1. Shahadat Bhuyain says

    Beautiful landscaping excellent presentation thanks to all , A friend from beautiful evergreen Bangladesh with love।

  2. Yang Yang says

    what the fuxxk?

  3. Phong CHee Lim says

    This is actually a train running from Nepal to India. The author had mistaken where he was.

  4. Agent X says

    Surly this railed link is for more than tourists I see mountains and resources as being the big money reason.

  5. international hitman says

    And yes it is correct….from China to tibet…. Tibet is not considered chinese

  6. international hitman says

    Sadly China has destroyed the culture and tradition of tibet

  7. Evan G. Srinath Das says

    Beautiful masterpiece of communist engineering! Shame what they're doing to the culture, though.

  8. tosethoo says

    China …..Free Tibet

  9. stelun56 says

    So, from China to China. Mm!

  10. Dharma says

    Tibet is not china

  11. everything amazing here watch and like says


  12. Jimmy Tiu says

    Thank you, Sir for uploading and sharing with us the train trip from Chinghi to Tibet. ?????

  13. 圆圆宝 says

    "…that travels from china to tibet"what do you mean?
    yes,we would say "the plane which flies from the united states to alaska"

  14. gautam omar says

    Railway root constructed over the dead bodies of Tibetan Buddhist.

  15. lyli Won says


  16. prakasam kannadi says

    Tibet-Qinghai rail. Whatever may be the moto of this rail, it is laid on "roof of the world" Great Himalya high altitude region. with three engines in palce of one and pressurised coaches, it runs though a oxygen scares high altitude mountainous terrain. It takes the mind to think such technical challenges. In 1880 Colonel Flatters struggled to lay a rail road accross Sahara desert ,a hostile place. Uk-France's Chunnel Tunnel beneath English Chanal. Russia's world's longest " Trans Siberian" railway which passes through ice coverd region. Japan's Seikan Railway tunnel underneath seabed of Tsugaru strait.

  17. Yuqiang Gao says

    See America, Australia…. they kill all of the local people and occupy their land. No one care about that. When a railway is built in Tibet, people's life is getting better. Killers from US and Australia feel angry.

  18. Amy Leo99 says

    In this world, only China is able to build the magnificent project!

  19. Muhammad Saleh says

    Amazing mountain …. nice train help me pless suport my chanel RADHEN MUDA from Indonesia thanks

  20. Mike Hak says

    Thanks for the cool video

  21. amit aggarwal says


  22. Richard George Hickling says

    Amazing region of the world.

  23. Saravanan Devarajan says

    I loved it

  24. Windsong1 wong says

    This trip is on my bucket list.
    Now with the virus ……have to wait.
    The scenery looks beautiful

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