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Three Zions and a Nice Rookie Autograph! | 2019-20 PANINI CHRONICLES BASKETBALL HOBBY BOX OPENING


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Thank you for watching my video! Today we opened a box of 2019-20 Chronicles Basketball, a Panini product. You’ll be able to find these singles available on our eBay store soon!

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  1. Martin Ventura says

    Kendrick Nunn with ANOTHER error card? Way to spot the difference in the Phoenix Zion and Nunn card

  2. Ben Griffey says

    I just clicked on this cuz ur hot and u like cards thats even hotter

  3. jeff g says

    sell everything ZION he is going to be a BUST

  4. It's Academic says

    You restore my faith in humanity and the endeavors of our kin.

  5. commander cody says

    Nice break, thanks for sharing.

  6. Forrest King says

    Alley is so cute ?

  7. Retrogamer Dell says

    This stuff is soo cheap. $900 a box. lol. $1150 on ebay.

  8. Tristan Romo says

    Anyway I could get the Kendrick Nunn cards? I’m really big on him

  9. NOOGIE 420 says

    So glad Basketball is back, both games last night we're really exciting.

  10. The Card Dojo says

    This will be a tough product to get. Panini crashed 29 minutes into sales. And even a single pack is gonna cost you over $100. Glad you posted this preview!

  11. MultiEhhhh says

    Finally someone that doesn't lose their shit when they pull a Zion. Thank you!

  12. Danny Devito says

    Half the fun is watching you crack the packs, but I guess I can understand people wanting to only see the pulls at the end. You’re short-changing yourself by doing that – but w/e

  13. jmess63 says

    How is this stuff $1000/box…no way Jose…. People are idiots paying that much. These are mostly base cards on cheap cardboard stock…Maybe $250 tops for a box.

  14. Eric F says

    There are some really good cards in chronicles, sleeve any of those prizm cards like the terence davis! Its a base card, but it'll be worth a lot more than you'd expect. And yes it's an updated card, there's him, Kendrick Nunn, Anthony Davis Lakers jersey and some others!

  15. HeroicWaffles says

    Hey new subscriber here.. Great channel, love the box breaks

  16. Bounty Hunter Breaks says

    I think my favorite brands in this version are the Flux, Essentials and Crusade. That box seemed to be heavy on Rui for sure!!!

  17. eccards77 says

    I can’t wait to get my first ZION!! Let’s go!!

  18. Bounty Hunter Breaks says

    You get a Zion, and you get a Zion, everyone gets a ZION!!!! 😛

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