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Thom Yorke – Not The News (Extendo Mix)


Not The News Rmx EP released August 2nd via XL Recordings:

Not The News, taken from the Thom Yorke album ANIMA.

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  1. hutchison15 says

    If you're on desktop – right click the video, press Loop. You're welcome. 🙂

  2. Michael Burton says

    hmm… 'Human Music'…. I like it!

  3. News of the Weird says

    I am obsessed with this song. I dance to it in the middle of the night on repeat. Cymatics. There is something about this rhythm…LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Side Note: I found you later on in life when I began going through a profound spiritual awakening. Lotus was the first one. I'm horrible with names but very in tuned to energies and sounds. Your voice …boy oh boy there is something about your delivery. You truly do understand pain and suffering and sunny days and dancing feet and beauty and LOVE I feel it, I hear it, and I LOVE IT! Addicted. I hope I can catch your live show in NYC. I must. Sending you LOVE Vibes 😉 PhoenixX

  4. Sanja Savic says

    Awesome ???

  5. krank027 says

    I think this one should have been in ANIMA.
    Hey Thom come to Athens please

  6. david hogan says

    Never lets us down ???

  7. MrEdencasa says


  8. Gnüzel Püzel says

    What a killer track !

  9. Primitive In The Extreme says

    …magnificent this extended version! ?❤?

  10. Niki McNally says

    Lovely. ❤️????

  11. Eric Warren says

    But Thom, one request. Either make the RMXs available in hi res download (MP3? Really?) or make available on Tidal, in addition to Deezer.

  12. Eric Warren says

    I don't know what I love more, Yorke's new album (which is amazing) or these immensely talented electronic artists that keep remixing his and Radiohead's music. I remember Mark Pritchard (on one of the other RMXs) from TKOL RMX.

  13. CARHO LINHA says


  14. Harry Zikiña says

    The forefront of electronic music and music in general. Precious!!

  15. Ahad Shuja says

    The initials for Thom Yorke are the same as the abbreviation for 'Thank You'

  16. Ahad Shuja says

    This makes so much more sense now. The previous version felt rushed.

  17. laura ramírez says

    I love you Thom.
    You are so original.
    Come to Mexico, please.

  18. Yasna Alfaro says

    Bendita versión extendida, esto es lo que buscaba ?

  19. mertrueman says

    Love you, from Turkey!

  20. PLACE Adrien says


  21. Kodzamok X says

    Очень красиво!?

  22. Jimmy Reluctant says

    How long has Thom been in the Illuminati?
    How do i join?

  23. stu9000 says

    Still got it

  24. Diana Del Pilar says

    El mejor??? tee amoo Thom❤❤❤❤

  25. Sforza Luca says


  26. Flancho Ocioso says

    Ven pa chile maldito qlo

  27. Christian says

    Is a extended mix?

  28. Robert Roberts says

    Good song Thommy.

  29. Ash Little says

    The news… spend to much time thinking about the sheep and how easy we (they) all flock. Seems a tool for war, invasion and anti democratic agenda these days in the UK for me. Great music from you Mr Yorke, creating the soundtrack to so many of our lives ?

  30. K-leb says

    I was hoping this extended mix would have extra lyrics, but it's just extra instrumentals.

  31. Lorena Solís says

    Perfecta para estar cómodamente entumida.

  32. BoyWhoSings says

    Please come to Latvia, Thom!

  33. Eratosthenes says

    I want Thom and Bjork to get married and make a baby so the Chosen One can be born

  34. Mr Flibble says

    Jesus Christ the mixing on these songs is to die for

  35. Chris Lewis says

    Collective consciousness!

  36. Ega LeGuin Mahesa Destalamar says

    This one just like the extra seasoning. Smells good for my brain

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