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THIS TEAM IS UNSTOPPABLE! [Season 3] Ep. 08 – Football Manager 2020


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team




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  1. Fol1 101 says

    5:22 arsenal in 3 years time

  2. Alan C says

    Why did you change the team name? Why not stay as Hungerford? I can't see what the gains can be?

  3. Zack Millins says


  4. Johno says

    You can rest players.. to get fitness back up ! Right click on player, training, rest player, 1 week !

  5. Micah Pickus says

    Nep you should download the real badges and kits and such to help make it a little more realistic. Love the content!

  6. Sam Click says

    Neppo just cant resist talking about agility and balance

  7. SportReview says

    Love this series!!!!!!!!

  8. Ovww says

    “This team is unstoppable” loses first game

  9. lewis cooper says

    The keeper probably wanted such a high wage due to the squad roll you gave him so he would have wanted a wage to match his roll

  10. Max W says

    Great video nep, preferred the old thumbnail tho ??

  11. Dylan Rodrigues says

    Next year, this needs to be a once every week episode and when fifa starts dying in FIFA 21 then you should upload more regularly afterwards… Just a suggestion.

  12. Gaurav Harsule says

    Andy gonna give Nep Cumming in the SBSD and his reaction is gonna be hilarious

  13. Maconix says

    Polish first division is not actually the highest one in Poland we have something called Ekstraklasa(actually it’s a nice meme compilation xdd) and the first division is actually the second league it’s fricked up xd Btw love this fm gameplay

  14. Tinmanti says

    I was always really into your FIFA content, but seeing you play FM is completely different. You look like you're really into every single game, and having loads of fun. Really is awesome to watch! I've never even played FM, but I think this is quickly becoming one of my new favourite series'.

  15. Harrison Spurdle says


  16. Dez Kalter says

    Nep: this team is unstoppable

    Also nep: loses first game of the episode?

  17. Leon says

    Did someone say hour long episodes? ? keep these coming nep they're great ? Asante has to stay in the team for coming seasons fan favourite

  18. Indie Steyn says

    Can you get a badge pack please

  19. Indie Steyn says

    Can you get a badge pack please

  20. Johnny Moseley says

    Stopped in game 1 ?

  21. Snowflake says

    Polish 1st Division isn't the top division in Poland btw, still a decent move for Graczyk though

  22. Walter Dog says

    46 minute video let’s gooooo

  23. Aqsta Boy says

    Pollock did a vid with Kieran brown

  24. Adrian Joannides says

    i love this so much, the longer video the better!

  25. Chuckie says

    Need to get myself a new laptop so I can play this beautiful game again

  26. Hey nep, do you have downloaded a mod or something because you have a different background colour and when your at a match you see the body language.

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