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This Is Why Trump Really Eats So Much Fast Food


Donald Trump is known for a lot of things, and one is his serious love of fast food. You might even call it an obsession. But how did this obsession start and why has is carried with him all the way to the presidency? Here’s the secret behind Trump’s love of fast food.

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  1. Mashed says

    What are your thoughts on President Trump's diet?

  2. hml31gaming says

    Trump 2020

  3. Wàka Waata says

    Eat what you want Donald Trump, don't listen to anyone.

  4. Shaggy EP3_215 says

    Junk food

  5. M A D E B Y Andrei says

    trump is not my president

    u know why?

    because hes literally not my president

    im from the Philippines

  6. Mariam Kutaladze says

    So he literally puts poison in his mouth because he is afraid of being poisoned?! Nice logic.

  7. Tyler Johnson says

    His detractors only care about things like that…..no one else does

  8. steve smith says


  9. David Fleming says

    This the main reason why Trump likes fast foods he won't healthy food that was perpared for him it's his fear of being poisoned So when he goes to fast food joint unannounced so no one would have time to poison his food In history many leaders Emperors and dictators would have a taste tester to take a bite of the food for thyem before they themselves will eat

  10. Mary glover says

    This is a nother reason why Cnn is wiped your reporters are gosepers not professional journalist

  11. aliasannie1 says

    He's afraid of being poisoned by one of the many, many enemies he's made over the years.

  12. Keanu Haumahu says

    What bullshit "it's extremely difficult to get a healthy meal during the presidential campaign."

    They have millions and millions to spend on a campaign they can also afford a cook that makes them a nice meal.

  13. Mike Meyer says

    He eats allot of fast food because he’s a fat ass and it tastes good. Next question.

  14. Andrew Bringas says

    Fast food is nasty and un sanitized they don’t wash hands and they dirty

  15. Miae Kim Thomas says

    Oh I see why people call s.piggret?????

  16. Extra_V_I_C_C says

    The McDonald Trump.

  17. Joy Lucas says

    Ky nga ayaw nia s resto kumain kasi may service charge dun. S fastfood wl. Tpos takot xa s germs. Nd aq naniniwala mga tower bussiness nia eh. Alam aman nia nd nilalabhan bedsheet s rooms ng tower eh. Or tlg wl xang consideration s kapwa nia ky khit alam nia nd nilalabhan mga bedsheet wl xang pakialam s mga guest???

  18. Joy Lucas says

    Pr. Makalibre s service charge. Wl service charge s fastfood eh???

  19. M Ski says

    because the filthy fat pig is too busy robbing us

  20. Work Pual says

    What is 00:08, what is the complete video.

  21. SreeNath Reddy says

    Which movie clip is that at 1:10

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