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This is Barrel Racing


Barrel racing in slow motion at the Chase B.C.B.R.A race. This is my thank you to all of the competitors, volunteers and spectators who make barrel racing possible.

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  1. Blue Hey says

    Wow 😍 barrel racing is so abusive.

  2. Bella Saltsmen says

    Absolutely disgusting

  3. Dorienna Raine says

    Yep that is barrel racing, bouncing, kicking, bits, spurs, and tie downs.

  4. Janine Condon says

    Thresher I agree with you a lot of us don't do that

  5. Josie Werner says

    Ok ok, I won't lie but I do use spurs. Although I only use bumper spurs, so it's safer for the horse and I guess me

  6. Grace Coley says

    I love the comments saying “it’s abusive the sport needs to be banned” No, the sport shouldn’t be banned, there is always going to be abuse in every sport, wether it’s racing jumping barrel racing either or all of the above have abuse in it.. riders who actually know what the hell they they are doing should be able to handle a horse.. so no horse sports shouldn’t be banned

  7. Freesoul On the youth’s Journey says

    they put it in slow motion so we could see the abuse more clear.

  8. Freesoul On the youth’s Journey says

    this is barrel racing…abuse

  9. Idkgirl07 Msp says

    Listen you freaking haters of us. Let me explain this to you
    1) if the whips and Spurs hurt so bad they would have bucked the rider off and I don't see that happening here do I?
    2) its apart of the sport. Don't like? Don't watch it. I shouldnt have to tell you that but ofc you guys wanna assume shit.

  10. Haylee Powell says

    I barrel race but I don't agree with spurs or whips. If you have to beat your horse to get him to run then he doesn't enjoy what he's doing.

  11. BUzZarDLy says

    I get it. Some people who ride in (ANYTHING: English, western, jumping, racing..) use spurs and other stuff to really hurt their horses, to get them going, just to get money..

    But a lot of people are being stereotypical, I acctualy barrel race, don't use spurs at all or any harmful sources to my horses.

    People are so stuck up looking at the bad parts of barrel racing, they don't realize some people look out for their horses and love them and make it as calm and happy for them as possible.

    You should really look, and grow up…

  12. Nicholas Camp says


  13. Frosty Fillies says

    I HATE BARREL RACERS. It's not beauty. If people love it so much, and have such confidence, why abuse your beloved child and hold on to the horn? If you are a barrel racer reading this, I hope you take it offensive. #SHAME ON YOU

  14. Elizabeth Lightmore says

    2:19, wow, I've never seen an experienced rider have to hold the saddle horn. lol

  15. Elizabeth Lightmore says

    I used to barrel race. My horses would sometimes fall over and I decided it wasn't worth risking a broken leg. Especially after my best friends horse broke his leg.

  16. Audrey Taylor says


  17. Kristina Simon says

    Okay people, listen up. Spurs should only be used as a tap against the skin for the horses that won't move, not a horse that's moving quickly. Same with a crop. And for those saying that horseback riding is a state of dominance, for some riders it is. I see riders out there selling and trading horses to make money. Horses are people too in my book. That's why I ride without spurs or a whip. For me, it's a relationship between horse and human. A strong friendship. You look in their eyes and know EXACTLY what they mean. Most of the time they're asking for cookies or it's just a resting mare face. Yet, horses can make great companions if treated correctly.

  18. Sophia Phillip says

    I never said they couldn't feel a whip. I just said that they don't physically harm them if they are used right. They don't leave bruises, sore marks, or scars, and horses don't shy away from them. I use whips as a cue item, which means it never even touches my horse. I can run a whip across her body and she doesn't flinch. If I pop it in a round pin behind her shoulder and say "walk", she walks. Not exactly abuse… I don't necessarily agree with the amount of whipping in barrel racing as a whole, but it really depends on the rider and how soft the whip is. @fruityfruitz

  19. Laredo Driessen says

    what's with the sad slow music barrel racing is fast

  20. Bernd Horsch says

    All barrel racers and all rodeo riders love their horses. Who has such lovers, does not need an enemy any more. We humans are funny creatures, because we destroy, what we love.

  21. Bernd Horsch says

    Spurs, metal bits, crops, whips are all made to create pain to horses. What is that for a "sport", where the companions are treated like shit? Not any one of these riders likes horses. Love and friendship look different!

  22. Bernd Horsch says

    Riding means having dominance over horses. The most important feature of a dominant rider is to feel responsible for the wellfare of the dominated horses. Dominance means first of all freedom of pain, freedom of violence, freedom of diseases, freedom of damage, safety, security, a nice accomodation in a herd at a large trail paddock, and good food. I cannot imagine that any horse is really interested in this crazy rodeo or competition tourism. Nobody can tell such a bullhit to me.

  23. Karlie Rae says

    Spurs and whips are used in every discipline so if you are going to bash barrel racing you might as well bash the whole idea of riding. Plus, not all of us use whips and spurs, some people actually know how to ride. (Great video by the way.)

  24. Equine_Aly says

    Those Spurs and whips must feel nice 😡

  25. colleen mcgee says

    I don't like barrel racing. I feel like girls/guys pull, kick, and whip their horses to much. I ride English and yes there is mouth pulling but not hard I like to use my seat more. Crops are pretty much there for tradition most horses don't need to be reminded (at least at my barn). I am not saying it bad and you need to switch disciplines, just my opinion.

  26. Dylan Waby says

    I enter in BCBRA I also competed at the chase arena as well. Hahaha!

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