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This Computer Costs $10


For $10 the Raspberry Pi Zero W is an ultra cheap computer but is it worth it?
Raspberry Pi Zero W kit on Amazon:
Raspberry Pi Zero W on Adafruit:
Raspberry Pi Zero Case on Amazon:
MicroUSB Power Adapter on Amazon:
MicroUSB to USB-A Hub on Amazon:
Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter on Amazon:
8GB MicroSD card on Amazon:
Install Raspbian using NOOBS:


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  1. DUBED YOSHI says

    geT ePiC N00b

  2. DUBED YOSHI says

    i bot a pc for 5 buxx

  3. Josh says

    When the $10 pc runs better than your full size PC.

  4. A J says

    Is more fast what mi pc

  5. Mahd siddiqui says

    will you give away one to me


    The thing is that that Minecraft version is VERY old. I even have a bigger powerful pi (to be specific the pi 3) and it still has the ancient Minecraft

  7. Windows XP says

    My pc cost 50$

  8. Mohammed nhari says

    this is crazy machine

  9. OffbeatLlama says

    Your hairline is on par with Vlad The Impaler

  10. ACID says

    this video:
    schools: so anyways ,i started buying

  11. Cynic Replaxrツ says

    Imagine playing fortnite on it

  12. Pirzthia says

    I wanna try to install Ubuntu on my 3 v1.2

  13. BloodMoonStorm Gaming says

    the hub that you showed was the same thing that i ordered today

  14. Iamtherealmark says

    Imagine going to your mom and telling her you lost your pc lol

  15. Jami Jackson says

    Can you also Write your own os for this thing

  16. August Bjørnsti says

    what if you plug a EGPU

    this a joke

  17. Fraelite says

    WOW! Minecraft runs better on the Raspberry Pi zero W than on my brother's PC! (really)

  18. Abel Iniguez says

    Shit don’t cost $10 at all

  19. Skix says

    My school: I’ll take the whole stock

  20. William Clark says

    Hi I need your mini computer!

  21. Aimless says

    Sad it is not really 10$ what a world.

  22. mrconflict 333 says

    Your telling me that little overpriced cheese it comes with minecraft and it runs roblox
    Well then

  23. Benditø says

    -Raspberry Pi Zero W
    -USB-C Dongle
    -Razer Core X

  24. Brybs says

    Oral bliss

  25. Big Goose says

    This PC still is better than my laptop

  26. Raffa says

    Me: laughs in fujitsu

  27. Suzy Hanna says

    This is a bargain.
    Its 10$.
    Minecraft is 20$..

  28. Palash Sureka says

    Can I put a rtx 750

  29. DarkRoe The Nin-Bot says

    Honestly, getting a raspberry pi is great especially for things like coding. Browsing social media is meh, so I honestly find myself more productive for coding and other tasks while on the Pi rather than my regular PC. And with the Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB RAM Model!) released, I am even more excited. My old Pi is going to be used as a Retro Pi machine in a custom built bartop arcade I am making for my Dad

  30. troll master says

    finally i can upgrade my computer

  31. Beemy Breezy says

    Finally something I can afford

  32. ali mustafa says


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