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Thirteen Healthy Habits | practice English with Spotlight


Joshua Leo and Ruby Jones look at thirteen habits that will lead to better health.

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  1. Tâm Tuyết says

    It's so wonderful thanks a lot i'd love it

  2. Punam Kumari says

    Reading ke liye aap bahut achcha bahutttttt achcha h is trike se aap hm sb ko help kr rhe ho 👏👏
    Bt fish ko maar kr nhi khana chahiye ….

  3. Maher Salah says

    Thanks for thirteen healthy habits

  4. adilson cantamissa Junior says

    I learn a lot of things from this site

  5. Đức Trần Tuấn says

    Great! Thank you very much.


    Thank you so much for this information, people must focus on this. It's useful for the health.

  7. Sách Hay Mỗi Ngày says

    13 healthy habits:
    1. Eat breakfast every morning.
    2. Eat fish twice a week
    3. Get enough sleep. (7-8 hours a night).
    4. Make social connections. (An active mind is a healthy mind.)
    5. Exercise. (It helps manage stress, improves emotions and give people lots of energy.)
    6. Care for your teeth.
    7. Have a hobby.
    8. Protect your skin with protective skin substances or clothing. (Avoid the sun between ten in the morning until three in the afternoon.)
    9. Eat healthy between meals.( An apple a day keeps the doctor away.)
    10. Drink water. (8 glasses of water a day does a body good.)
    11. Drink tea.
    12. Take a walk every day.
    13. Have a plan. (Plan all of the above activities for your better health.)

  8. SR Kenderley says

    I thank you so much , because i learn about healthy habits and i also increase my english vocabulary.

  9. Romaissa BelAbid says

    thank you very much

  10. simran deep says

    thanku so much for this video😊🌺

  11. Sara Shalby says

    Thank you😍😍😍😍

  12. hani dheman hani dheman says

    Iam a new student I like very very much this video thankful ♥️🌹👑

  13. WA DAMMIKA says

    Thank you!!

  14. Tuấn Phan says

    So thạnk you

  15. Udhaya J says

    Thanks !!!.. like a wonderful healthy tips for me.

  16. Sergey Migel says


  17. Ngọc Bích says

    It is very helpful for my learning English. Thank you so much, Spotlight English!

  18. Phương Trần says

    I love this channel. I can learn a lot of things from your shares. It's helpful for me. Thanks so much 😊

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  20. Gold진 says

    Thank you so much ~ ♥

  21. Gulab Keerio says

    Good morning

  22. Cauê Felipe says

    dou 15 conto pra quem fizer o resumo desse texto

  23. You are beautiful says

    1. Eat breakfast every morning
    2. Eat fish
    3. Get enough sleep
    4. Make social connections
    5. Exercise
    6. Care for your teeth
    7. Have a hobby
    8. Protect your skin
    9. Eat healthy between meals
    10. Drink water
    11. Drink tea
    12. Take a walk every day
    13. Have a plan

  24. Eddard O. Stark says

    thank you spotlight

  25. Al Alsulime says

    Thanks 2020 6:5 6:10PM

  26. Sun Shine says

    00:35 – it starts

  27. حسام كاظم says


  28. KosFalcon says

    4:30 – There is a mistake in the text. The text is "Spending time with other people can also improve HELP". But the speaker says "Spending time with other people can also improve HEALTH". However, it is a very wonderful and useful program. I like it very much.

  29. Rahim Mottammal says

    Good lesson.

  30. Lopes Antonio says

    Very good, I also enjoyed this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hW7m-usJIY

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  32. Salwa Hayek says

    That's very good .. thank you

  33. Quy Tran says

    I love this channel. I can learn a lot of things from your shares. It's helpful. Thanks so much!

  34. Vugar says

    Thank you very much. God bless you. And shared your channel with my friends and relatives.

  35. Davinder Grewal says

    Hi , l am from india . l want to share my healthy habits with you . fistly , l drink hot water in cup in the morning everyday after pass half an hour l drink tea . Moreover , l having breakfast with my family l tell you l eat organic vegetables which growth in our kichengarden at my home . After that almost 11 :30 am we drink coffee , then we eatlunch approximately 2: 30 pm in lunch , we eat chapatti with curb almost everyday in the afternoon then again imbibe tea before it we drink water . last but not least , we having dinner at 8 pm ater it we take turmaric milk toghter .

  36. joey pei says


  37. Sara Zerom says

    This video a good idea and information

  38. Marisela Robles says

    Thanks for tne Heathy habit l like this video very much l go to try everyday thanks 🥦🍒🍇⛷🏌️‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🤗

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