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Things to know BEFORE you go to PARIS | Paris Travel Guide 2020


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Here are 16 essential tips to know before you visit Paris
(Paris travel guide & travel tips):

#16: MAP OF PARIS (detailed map of main attractions)
*From and to the airport
*Arriving by train
*Arriving by car
*Getting around the city (public transportation, etc.)
*Drinking water
*Free WiFi
*Travel adapters
*Internet: prepaid SIM cards, portable hotspot, etc.
*Time zone

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    Is this Danny Devito?

  2. JTtube2911 says

    R.I.P notre dame, I saw it burn live and it was so sad

  3. Tiaesha Nicole says

    Hopefully, we will be OK to trave in2021! I can't wait to see Paris! Thanks for the video.

  4. Jhuma sana says

    Jhuma Sana

  5. Sonny says

    Great Video. Thank you for posting.

  6. Jj Mmm says

    I don't want to visit Paris, I want to live in Paris

  7. john brooks says

    Great video! A lot of good information. Merci.

  8. KissMySuccotash says

    Had a plan planned for later this month. ?

  9. Tom fer says

    Sadly, Paris has become a safe haven for pickpocketers ! The police and transport authorities are turning a blind eye. Period.

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  11. Pine Vale says

    I was in Paris in Dec 2019 after being there 20 years ago. I can confirm, it's now dangerous, dirty, filled with junkies, peddlers and pickpockets. Was so glad to get out.

  12. Jerry Gomez says


  13. Yessica Prato says

    I’m about to head to Paris for the first time next Tuesday! Very good information! I wish more travel videos would advise on the transportation and tips for arriving from Paris-Beauvais. If you can give me more details about this- very appreciated!

  14. E Garcia says

    Great tips! Thank you. I am going next month to celebrate 5 decades haha. I'm super excited!

  15. Princesse Josepha says

    Im french and tourist please TAKE MÉTRO and not uber or taxi because its expensive !! Or walk ! Paris is beautiful everywhere

  16. Princesse Josepha says

    The best city of Europe

  17. Nisar Khan says


  18. Nang Sam Phoo says

    Thank you so much, great sharing!

  19. ThisIsMontse says

    Wow can I super thumbs up this video? ??? thank you for everything. So much helpful

  20. platon says

    reduce the treble on your mic settings ffs

  21. Travels With Travis says

    79 Degrees? Thats hot? Im in Texas. I laughed.

  22. Yashasvi Jain says

    The city of miraculous ladybug and cat noir.. ???

  23. PAV360 VR tour says

    very helpful travel guide!!! thank you

  24. Lee Morris says

    I can’t afford to go to Paris, being poor.

    It seems lovely from here though (665 miles).

  25. guriya's wold says

    how much i have to pay in disney land for per person in ponds and how long distance from disney land to eiffel tower give me advice do is good for me to book hotle near disney land or near Eieffel tower which place is more things to view and how much i have to pay to see tower please tell me in ponds .

  26. Peter Conlin says

    What a great vid. Make more!!

  27. Zana Karim In China says

    how about flying drone ?? or if i have drone dji mini in my backpack is there any problem in the airport

  28. ree says

    going next week!

  29. Sheetal NAIK says

    Plese make a video on Switzerland

  30. Fifi S says

    I went there in August??

  31. Jason Presley says

    I can't seem to figure out which is your app in the Itunes Store. Can you send a link please?

  32. E.A E.A says

    Greetings from Azerbaijan. Come to Azerbaijan as well

  33. Sawyer Fitzpatrick says

    Dear Parisians, if anyone is reading this, please be kind to us tourists. We are not all obnoxious. I love your city. I have been visiting every December for the past 4 years. The only thing I get anxious about and possibly makes me less enthusiastic about my annual trip is the citizens and the way they treat tourists. Of course, not everyone is like that. Far from it. But the majority is proud and judgmental. They look down on tourists and treat us badly, especially in restaurants. Much love.

  34. Hungry Passport says

    ? Don't forget to get your ? Paris PDF Travel Guide: https://gum.co/prsgd

  35. Wanderer says

    Do not go to Louvre museum in the summer you'll waste the whole day queuing. It's absolutely stupid, most of the queue is just to look at Mona Lisa for about 30 seconds, and for those who just want to look around other parts of the museum does not have any choice but to join the same queue!

  36. R. Russell says

    Thank you for the info. Trying to go next year in August. I love Paris ❤?

  37. Aziz Tukubaev says

    Very detailed and useful information ?

  38. andrewnduati says

    2:21 aye yo my guy, you might want to have your gear down at that altitude, I heard landing with no gear is a little rough….

  39. Master Builder says

    Good job!

  40. visualize2feel says

    Great information. Heading for the first time this November.

  41. Elden Koh says

    Paris is a good city but I would not go to Paris in 1789 cuz is old

  42. Sherry Hu says

    Good mapping the city!?

  43. Dept 뎁트 says

    ❤️❤️ greetings from south korea

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    very informative, thanks

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    Amazing!!. every things i need even more, all of them in this video

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    I'm so excited & confused to go
    I have 10 days to go and I didn't prepare any program or a hotel

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    One of the best travel channel ?

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    This is so cool!

  49. Wildside Colame says

    Hello im in love with your video but can you give me a good app for all the locations so i can’t get lost!

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