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These Android tablets are actually worth your money


Android isn’t the most popular platform for tablets these days, but that doesn’t mean Android tablets aren’t worth your time.

Galaxy Tab S6:

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite:

Amazon Fire HD 8:

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  1. Retrx says

    Apps or better said the lack of apps is what will always hold back Android Tablets. The fact that the only proper drawing app on the android is the beta port of a open source app, that was published less than 2 months ago with all of the features on windows.

  2. Frank Chang says

    I don't think they are worth. Too expensive.

  3. James Pålsson says

    Yes people get iPads, but I don't think the Windows 2-in-1 is more popular than a Android tab

  4. anirdb55 says

    Not hating on android but Apple changed the game with desktop class safari and file system access on the iPad.

  5. Francis Hayes says

    I use a Lenovo Tab M8. It's a great Nexus 7 replacement.

  6. Anthony Menghi says

    chromebook ?

  7. Ronald San Pedro says

    Tab s5e is also good. Amoled screen is really nice and almost comparable with tab s6.

  8. Eevee 124 says

    Watching on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019

  9. Timothy Higgins says

    My gripe with Android tablets isn't the software or hardware, but the short OS and security update life. Two or three years is just too short.

  10. Mark McCoskey says

    Using an old ASUS 10.1" P00C. No longer holds a charge. Need a new tablet. Just wish the Amazon was vanilla Android. Their price is right.

  11. xym says

    Watching this on a Matepad pro

  12. Angultra says

    Tab S5e is a better tablet than S6 Lite by far – faster, fingerprint, amoled, quad speakers. S6 Lite is basically an A-series tablet in disguise.

  13. Tenograd says

    I love my Galaxy Tab S6. Android Tablets are highly underrated.

  14. Lovre Neno says

    I have Android phone and iPad, perfect combination for me

  15. Nigel Healy says

    Pity Uncle Sam isnt letting Huawei in. I have the 2 year old design Mediapad M5 10.8 with pogo-pin keyboard+trackpad folio and it's going strong. Can't get the current successor (matepad pro).

  16. AndroidTricks says

    Samsung Galaxy TabS6 is definitely one of the best android tabs, Love its S-pen, but yes it would have been better if it was smaller. Its also a very good option to use for day to day use. I really like that it has a onscreen fingerprint scanner. If you are a reader and use kindle or like Amazon Prime, Fire Tab is the best option. But it is only good for that.

  17. 君愷范 says

    my Nokia N1 still works fine…

  18. E bon says

    iPad mini all the way lol

  19. Eveline Caroline Huang says

    I Love Big Android Tablet!!! Big is Satisfaction ???

  20. Rudie Obias says

    I’ve owned two Android tablets in the past, Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10. While they were fine to use, they just felt like big smartphones. I got an Apple iPad and I haven’t looked back! There are just no good Android tablet apps. It’s all just upscale smartphone apps.

  21. Śøvîté Càňáđå says

    I personally would have added the Samsung Galaxy S5e because it has most of the features of the S6 but the cost of the S6 lite.

  22. SARJ_STONE says

    Lets be honest guys, android tablets are the absolute worst in longevity. iPads work for years and years. Apple actually knows the tablet game.

  23. Jonathan Emmett says

    Love my tab A 10.1 2019 …, Does the job …

  24. Junayd A.A says

    The Huawei MatePad Pro definitely deserves to be here with an amazing screen , amazing specs, looks really good , and ofcourse with the new Huawei App Feature you can download many many more apps.. it takes Apks from different sites which developers have put them on and gives you a list to download them, like facebook for example… and web apps work just fine for apps like youtube,

  25. Rolando Quezada says

    Whattt the tab s5e is even better than the S6 lite just for the screen quality.

  26. M0993 L says

    Huawei Matepad pro is the best

  27. Binoy Mathew says

    @Android Central Nice topic. Btw, I loved the digital fireplace. But angle it a little better the next time.

  28. ytown4 says

    iPad as Fire 8 Plus are my tablets of choice.

  29. LifeLoveVancouver says

    Huawei mediapad m series… 2k display stereo speakers from 5 years ago

  30. Mustafa Bashar says

    The galaxy tab s6 is a complete monster. Sammy really knows how to make their stuff+ the speakers are incredible

  31. Chemy Torres says

    I would like to see a similar video for something like the Chuwi tablets and other brands like that, is any in the schedule?

  32. PSYCHO says

    I was contemplating on getting an Android tablet but I read an article saying that Chromebooks have become the TRUE Android tablets nowadays with regular updates.

    I don't know what to go for.

    My laptop is an old 2013 Windows 8.1 Asus dual-core Intel Celeron processor with 4GB RAM.

  33. Skeptical Chris says

    I love android tablets, I wrote a 120000 word novel on one, and I have 4 tablets I use regularly, sometimes all at the same time.

    My latest is the s6 lite and its totally worth while and writing with the spen is good.

  34. GintokiKreuz1 says

    This would video would've been great a couple of days ago when fire tablet 8 was at 59.99

  35. Marcus Coster says

    If you want a high end Android tablet for cheap the Galaxy Tab S4 is super cheap and still faster than any of the other Galaxy Tabs except the S6, and it has a headphone jack and a good stylus still.

  36. Paul Marsden Sr says

    Good video. Samsung has a long way to go in their tablet design. Have a great weekend.

  37. Kongolox says

    none of these are IP68.. thats an automatic No.

  38. Coire Jones says

    Magnets b#*=$! (I just want a solid 8 inch Android tablet)

  39. Michael Marvin says

    I will never buy another non-apple or non-google tablet (or phone for that matter) again. I am just so sick on hardware manufactures abandoning software support for their devices after a year or less. Samsung is particularly guilty of this. It's not even about new features. It's about staying up to date on security patches.

  40. Mikael Nilsson says

    Since phones got bigger than 6 inches across I have found little to no need for a tablet. I keep on lying around, but it doesn't see much action.

  41. James Vincent says

    I got myself a Galaxy Tab A last year. It gets used a lot for watching Videos but mostly writing documents. It's a great device to have. I'm a Google boy for everything so an apple table would be pointless & I'm not willing to pay their prices. However, when I upgrade next year or the year after I may spend a bit more on another Samsung tablet like a S range or a Huawei tablet. It's a shame other OEMs don't make tablets.
    Definitely recommend a Galaxy Tab for those thinking about getting one for a young child.

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