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Theresa May Heckled and Jeered | Sky News Debate | May v Corbyn | 29/05/2017


All the time the audience heckled and jeered Mrs May during the debate on sky news/channel 4. So happy that the whole country got to see what a clown she is.

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  1. James Bennet says

    How did that piece of shit ever become our PM!

  2. Maurice Warwicker says

    Callum smith full fight

  3. Darkie Toothpaste says

    Why doesn't this deluded old cunt just fuck off and drown somewhere and take corby with her

  4. anonUK says

    Bear in mind Paxman is one of the last Tories at the BBC. If he made mincemeat of this "strong and stable" Tory PM, then she richly deserved it.

  5. Abs Sik says

    How this women is still in power is beyond me

  6. Sheila Pearson says

    She is fuming ???

  7. Michael Earp says


  8. Torvic says

    She's a devil of some sort or other

  9. writer james says

    Is this comic relief

  10. rastabarwell says

    Excellent, give her some shit. Never, in the history of politics, has so many people, distrusted and disposed our self centered, lying politicians. This is a good time for a revolt.

  11. tronlegacy134 says

    Corbyn is good on everything except Brexit. I don't understand why labour doesn't want to do a norway style plus arrangement. It's the only sensible option there.It would respect the no vote and still maintain freedom of movement and possibly a custom union for a period of time until they decide what kind of arrangements they want with the EU.The Tories are zombies clinging to power, and would rather see the uk economy walk off a cliff in order to maintain power.

  12. matthew Campbell says

    UKIP??? You mean the nazis. Call those evil bastards what they are.

  13. matthew Campbell says

    It's not rocket science people!! Tories represent the few ( the wealthy) always have. Wherever you find them the world over. Or do we go around denying the truth and bury our heads in the sand???

  14. Gareth Price says

    What a bare faced liar and traitor to the people and the conservative party. To the tower with her

  15. Mr Big says

    Thickest Prime Minister in British history.


    Lying bitch..

  17. Alex Ritchie says

    Ladies and gentlemen, our Prime Minister!

  18. Emily dooley says

    She's looking at the interviewer, like she's thinking, " watch your tone boy, or I'll have you and your family deported"

  19. Matthew Barclay says

    She could change to leave I would love to Shag her stand for her and stop putting her down we need a leader get her with us and stop wankers like this putting her down.

  20. Multi Chaerin says

    She's an embarassment to the UK

  21. james elder says

    It’s a terrorist sympathiser vs a week and useless women

  22. Craig Sheppard says

    Shes absolutely pathetic, fucking unbelievable.

  23. Becky Footerman says

    I'm only going to be perfectly honest Jeremy. You're being very very derogatory towards Theresa. Not only are you not listening to her at all but when she does get the things right that she does get right you're trying to make out that she's wrong when of course she's not. That's not having a debate let alone making a good World that's just downright rude! Theresa NEVER listen a A WORD that ANYONE AT ALL says against you. You are as innocent as you're out there to do everything right whether you get it or not. Stay strong ignore them all and journey on…

  24. Whiteboy White says


  25. Charlie Farnz Barnz says


  26. Jamel Gianangelo says

    Unelected, wicked witch of the waste looking, creep

  27. Mathew Bateman says

    Is she a swallow or spitter, that's what I want too know…

  28. sam wright says

    she don't put on a act
    a brave lady

  29. Bay Whitaker says

    Still funny

  30. Elliot Oneill says

    corbyn for pm

  31. Ali The Gamer says

    Lost her majority lmao haha dried up old goat!

  32. Eric Blade says

    Love seeing all the pro-Corbyn posts! 🙂 Jeremy Corbyn is the best person for PM by far

  33. justin fajou says

    And she was the best person the tories have. Amazing.

  34. SALZOPYRIN says

    The PM clearly does not believe in Brexit, which explains dither, delay, chaos and such a lack of leadership. The PM refused to say if she'd back Brexit if it was rerun today, continually avoiding answer? No wonder negotiations are a mess. She has to go She’s completely unsuited to her high office and is an embarrassment.

  35. Crowley says

    Fuck no hell seriously this idiot pm maybe the stupidest pm to date lies it’s all lies she’s contradicting herself something awful #STUPIDCUNT

  36. Shine Light says

    Jacob Rees Mogg for PM.  Mrs Maybe is such a weak leader.

  37. dave pamell says

    Stunning lady

  38. Harrison Pratten says

    They played it very hard on her

  39. Cliff Llewellyn says

    horrible woman to disabled like myself

  40. Alexei Ramotar says

    This is the greatness of western democracy. How many places can you direct these hard, biting questions at a leader?

  41. Jaffaborn says

    Sorry but I'm starting to think if this is the state of parliament then maybe Scotland would have been better off leaving Britain

  42. depechemodefan says

    How the F is she still in power….

  43. Adam Hutt says

    She's a liar liar, like the rest of the Tories

  44. William Hastings says

    Someone wrote a message that this election was a "stitch up" i thought that was nuts – now i can see was is a stitch up – the Bankers never wanted this – the pound will recover and the people will be conned and even our own Nigel Farage can do nothing about this – bless him – the will of the people is a joke. Just shut up and do what you are told like the peasants that we are – sad day – your grandchildren will be the minority in their own country as the old Londoners are a minority in their city.

  45. Eric Harper says

    She has more drinks than Andy Cap

  46. William Hastings says

    it was a master stroke by the Labour Party they appealed to the teenage voter who had been raised in an enviroment where mummy and daddy payfor everthing and told they will get free tution from the money tree and the children who have no idear of economic reality voted for a leader of the IRA Corbyn.

    if it all goes wrong the new generation will be back home with mum complaining that there parents are senile while living under their roof and eating their food.

    socalism for children.

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