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The Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ship – Travel Documentary



Documentary about the Seven Seas Explorer cruise ship, and about the engineers, designers and constructors racing to build the Seven Seas Explorer which is claimed to be world’s most luxurious ship. With time ticking away until the maiden voyage, the pressure is on.

This documentary goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of the floating six-star hotel the Seven Seas Explorer. Can the crew deliver perfection to guests with the highest expectations?

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  1. thinksoft9 says

    Love the Spirit of John… he's in high spirits! 🙂

  2. John Saulle says

    what a waste of money

  3. marvin walker says

    The cruise ship is fine but i didn't see security details in case the ship is attacked by terrorist

  4. Gideon van Zyl says

    Pathetic, always presenting the people who works the less that get all the camera time…..the crew is just a number on those ships…

  5. cemegonuts says

    Think of all the money that would be freed up if this thing sank loaded with rich people. LOL.

  6. Πετρος Δεληγιαννης says

    such a waste of resources for the sake of these white mummies.

  7. satsumamoon says

    One word ; Orrible!

  8. Duke the meister says

    Seems like the life of cruising turned that John guy into one fake, pretentious guy. I don't know if I believe the wife and kids story either lol.

  9. Barry Baz says

    What a Perfect Ship for the Perfect Holiday .

  10. darryl darryl says

    Can someone time stamp a single black person enjoying this ship?

  11. Arun CR says

    Michael and Jane are awesome couple

  12. halfvolley11 says

    The title of the documentary should be The World's most expensive cruise ship for old white people.

  13. T Becker says

    blow that boat outta the water with those awful pax included.

  14. Ari Rämö says

    Its good that the captain is a woman from italy and not a man from italy !

  15. Steve Holland says

    The Yank female with all that plastic surgery, if she has any more, she'll have a beard

  16. Steve Holland says

    Typical Yank arsehole,'I only drink Californian wine'……..TWAT

  17. Jvee says

    That girl is wasted

  18. castlerock58 says

    Show the ship for God's sake! It's boring just to see interviews. It doesn't look as impressive as the great ocean liners that had stunning interiors. From what little you could see, these ships looked as tacky as any other cruise ship.

  19. RUDY Manansala says

    I can make BETTER PAELLA than that one, it doesnt Look like PAELLA to me.

  20. RUDY Manansala says

    I HATE seeing CHEF"s Handling FOOD by their BARE HANDS that are being ready to served and EAT , VERY UNSANITARY no matter how CLEAN YOU are You have to WEAR GLOVES especially FINGER FOODS!!!

  21. RUDY Manansala says

    I dont Find the GUEST REAL CLASSY or the REAL TYPICAL BORN RICH PEOPLE. they ACT as REGULAR PEOPLE only ( i call them NOisy NOVO RICH who lacks Etiquette} cause RICH PEOPLE are very CLASSy even with Simple things…

  22. RUDY Manansala says

    Majority of CABIN CREWS and People on the KITCHEN,Laundry,ENGINEERING,etc. are FILIPINOS Been there at 6 STARS SEABOURNE LUXURY CRUISE LINE as WELL so i am FAMILIAR with the DRILL inside this KIND of CRUISESHIPS..

  23. Miauw567 says

    Isn't this kind of decadent?

  24. Emanuel Colon says

    sad i am in a great position to take advantage of all this and it is shut down air travel also oh well i guess i will get to know fabulous Puerto Rico really well. sometimes you should not wait nice vid

  25. Janice Bowman says

    Stupidity of the rich .

  26. Vivian McClure says

    yeah….and the ''hard working" staff sleep in crate like rooms …talk about disrespectful…No one can ever impress me with all their '''high end" bullshit

  27. fren emy says

    Cruise ship workers from the ph actually went tru extensive training to acquire certificate before they can work on board. It might be a low wage to average european but to filipinos it's like 10x or more of what they can earn back home working as a staff in a hotel

  28. Charles V Swenson says

    Those wives enjoying their late husbands fortunes. Wonder how many of those husbands died prematurely?

  29. ouchouch as abhi says

    If you are rooting for Clifford in your heart, hit like.

  30. Daisy Sanderson says

    very nice video!

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