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The WikiaColors Soundtrack Album|All background music I use


00:00 – Premier League Football Theme
07:44 – David Cutter – Place
10:27 – Oshova – Vast Chant
14:02 – Dan Henig – Arpy
15:57 – Reaktor Productions – Can’t Slow Down
18:29 – Asura – Whispering Through
22:30 – Tobu – Higher
26:04 – Joakim Karud – Show Love
29:23 – Nurko – Let me Go
33:47 – UEFA Champions League Football Trap Remix (Oncur Gemici)
37:26 – UEFA Champions League Football Dance Remix (Allinthemix)
42:06 – Perséphone – Retro Funky (Sundance Remix)
47:00 – The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony (Androma Remix)
51:40 – Petrosfera – Dreamland
53:37 – Ace of Base – All for you 2K12 (Metyou & Haus Remix)
58:41 – Arc North – First Light
1:02:21 – Bensound – Endless Motion
1:05:22 – Bensound – Summer
1:08:59 – Bully Soundtrack – This is your school
1:11:34 – Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Promises (Koni Remix & Jack Hawitt Cover)
1:15:43 – DEAF KEV – Invincible
1:20:17 – Electro-Light – Fall For Gravity feat. Nathan Brumley
1:24:13 – Elektronomia – Energy
1:27:31 – Elektronomia – Energy
1:31:29 – Electro-Light – Symbolism
1:36:20 – Lost Sky – Fearless Pt. II (feat. Chris Linton)

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  1. WikiaColors says

    This may not be a comprehensive album, but it certainly covers most the music I use, at least currently.

  2. Alejo Estuvo Aquí says

    53:37 Dude the flashbacks to Tower Battles

  3. Alejo Estuvo Aquí says

    42:06 Is just the best dude

  4. Nuclear Boii says

    Whoa! U Hit 10,100 Subs !

  5. RAY TAN YIK AN Moe says


  6. TurtlePlayzYT says

    22:30 the one that always makes me cry all the time bro

  7. Monisha Patel says

    i cannot decide if i like retro funkey or whispering through better

  8. Tejesh Nair says


  9. ComicSansRBLX says

    Hey you listened to my prayers….yey 😀

  10. sans bans says

    Droppin a dislike


  11. Mr. Quackers says

    Amazing music your great at choices 😀

  12. CjayThe ProKing says

    55:20 is my favorite

  13. Sofia L says

    wait its an hour long !!

  14. Peter Borawski says

    U hit 10k subs

  15. Electro Star says

    Congrats in 10k subscribers Wikia!

  16. ToastOn_YT says

    Can i have the timestamp of what everybody came for lol

  17. Random Dude says

    uh why do i feel like the only one I ever hear is vast chant and place

  18. The_Lazy_Bunny says

    thank you for actually labeling the song names.

  19. Jason de Quason says

    poggers I liek dis

  20. CataCrab says

    LOL Keralis music

  21. CataCrab says


  22. Ibrahim Munif says

    Literally i put this on my playslist and download the album lel

  23. RBLX hoppa789 says

    18:29 if you listen to it with only the right side of the earphones it sounds weird.

  24. Matin Owosho says


  25. Samlaja says

    1:31:34 that was multi 24 gaming's intro song

  26. Jackson's Creations says


  27. Carter Lam says

    I've been waiting for this thing soo long
    I lek the music but idk the name
    Now i can know them
    Thx ; )

  28. Khiêm Nguyễn says

    Congrats on 10k subs keep doing what u like to do I'll always support u and whatever it take pls don't quit YouTube you are my favorite youtuber i love all your videos. MAD RESPECT for making videos daily all your videos are so cool and nice album.

  29. CrockGamer says

    106 likes 0 dislikes

  30. minhdangto: Tower Defense Simulator says


  31. optimus prime says

    10:44 oshova -vast chant my favourite soundtrack of all time

  32. GD x3iq says

    42:06 my favorite 🙂
    Perséphone – RETRO
    but i swear man your content is the best, i love ittttt! your my new actual fav youtuber now no joke.

  33. Galadon Wolf says


  34. Murat Aziz says

    imagine seeing a vid called "Wikia versus Josh in TDS and TB!" xD

  35. เกรียงไกร เต๊ะวงษ์ says


  36. ivan shum says

    congratulations wikiacolours 10k subscribes! you're the best !

  37. ?¿ Anonymous ¿? says

    Thank you good sir, time to vibe 😉

  38. BOSS MUSIC says

    WikiaColors waaho ?? awesome music ?? thanks for this this is realy good ?? and i have now one channel related music please check and give me review ??THANK YOU ??

  39. henry yesin says

    How do you get admin commands?

  40. LadYT says


  41. Blacklite_E R R O R says

    very cool, gets an approval from yours truly, IMBLACKLITE.

  42. Russian Federation Gamer says

    Yes 🙂

  43. jakethebeast104 playz says

    Love it my favorite yt quit YouTube and now… your my new favorite youtuber 😀

  44. Theo Theohdaiiwlittlekid5 says

    44 likes and No DIslike..

    Congratulations for Reaching 10K!

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