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The Vybes Episode 1: What is Covid-19?


The Vybes podcast is finally here. Feat blunder, sauve, ctc, mashu, and sama

Recorded 5/20/20

All avatars created by The very talented @shavzus on twitter:

Credits to @DanskiPialano for the beautiful title card graphic

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  1. the false goat says

    After this ep we are gona get the next ep in like 5 years

  2. Welcome Home Son says

    This was chill

  3. not steel says

    finally got the time to watch this actually really enjoyed it

  4. Funnynin says

    yo wtf this actually has good advice ??

  5. Tim Sheehan says

    All these boys begging for ctc's music and the only place you can find him is on the vybes… I tried to tell em the agency provides

  6. Stef Bryant says

    i like the format of how you have the discord pfps on screen , i been tryna figure out how to do it but you know sometimes the low iq be hittin.

  7. Keenan Larsen says

    next week ctc's gonna start it off by asking "what's the agency?"

  8. Horyd says

    More importantly, who is this CTC guy?

  9. memento mori says

    Agency Agency

  10. Ashique S says

    No offense but this is my new background noise

  11. Shmirko says

    Thing bout the agency merch is even tho it is technically a gamer fit, it still looks like just normal cool ass clothes. No one will really notice that much, especially when you come from Europe or another continent that's not NA.

  12. Guillermo says

    Blunder planted a seed, time went by, and now reaps the rewards – call that “age and see”. Blunder started the squad, hustled, and now leads an empire – call that “agency”.

  13. nicchin101 says

    I'ma keep it ?. I peeped you through Joey 2 years ago and I'm so glad to see you branching out doing something unique to you. Your personality suits this frfr.

  14. Jason Liang says

    You should make it more obvious who is speaking. Fire tho

  15. Hydrosting says

    CTC is literally the only person here beside blunder that I know…

  16. Jayden Salamom says

    get this shit on spotify

  17. Rex4Smash says

    I think a significant other can cure loneliness.
    But that being said, everyone's different.
    It will cure loneliness for one guy, and won't for the next.
    A guy with multiple friends will claim they feel lonely but only because they lack
    that special someone.

  18. Kylan Harding says

    The agency really does provide huh

  19. Karl Kreisher says

    Agency masks? can someone make that happen?

  20. S W087 says

    Damn Blunder. I just had to take a second and commend you for saying you have to respect your parents wishes when living in their house. Not only that, but I remember when you were on Joey's podcast talking about how you don't rock with those clowns at UNI doing drugs and wasting their life away.
    As a middle school teacher and father of 2, I appreciate you for leading by example bro. Not trying to get all sappy, but thats some real gangster stuff B.

  21. Valkyrie 887 says

    Can we get the ok boomer girl on the vybes?

  22. Valkyrie 887 says

    Lmao hell yea

  23. Aadil Rehan says

    this is FUEGO my man

  24. Milotic says

    This fire bro, hope this becomes a every Sunday type thing

  25. King PePePe says

    CTC trying to clarify he's talking about pawgs and not pog lmaooo

  26. Based Vibes says

    Mind giving me a happy bday shoutout in the comments? It’s my birthday today. And you would be the first to do so today

  27. James Jones says

    I feel like what people get wrong a lot about “be yourself” or “don’t change who you are” is that they think it means “don’t be accountable for your behavior or your growth, and anyone holding you accountable is attacking who you are as a person.”

    Like..no. You can keep the central tenants of your identity (hobbies, interests, passions, personality etc) and still look to improve other aspects.

    I love anime in my spare time. If my girl said “stop watching anime it’s for losers” I’d pack my shit and peace out. That’s on her. But if I watched anime 24/7 and didn’t shower or do the dishes or go out with her, and she left, that’s on me for not being an adult.

    Be yourself, but strive to make yours a damn good self.

    Nice episode blunder, looking forward to the next one!

  28. HiJello says

    I don’t normally comment here, but I like these non-Pokemon discussions vids whenever you put them out so I support the idea of more episodes of this.

  29. Mittens says

    Man this good as fuck hope it's not a one time thing

  30. kozuki zaki says

    “What is Covid-19?” Idk, peep the new The Vybes, the card there ??

  31. Mr. Fish says

    These guys are stoned to the bone
    The Agency never fails

  32. staticsight says

    Get this podcast on Spotify so I can download it for my commute

  33. Rocco Gambino says

    Blunder please don't let this be a one time vid

  34. Saber says

    Am I the only one that didn't hear Sama's voice at all during this? Was distracted during a few parts, so might be just me.

    Very interesting podcast btw. Hope we'll be seeing more soon. #AgencyVybes

  35. Amigo Miro says

    Is CBB still alive

  36. DaNkMeMeGoDjEwCiFeR _ says

    agc provides

  37. TheTaipoe says

    CTC no longer speaking through a static tv.

  38. Dillon K says

    Sound like marks

  39. q says

    all of your voices get deeper every video wtf

  40. Brendan Gaines says

    What's up blundini, been subbed since I was in like middle school & just wanted to say bro on god appreciate you hella for bringing content. Haven't played mons in years but I still fw the energy. Legit feels like I grew up with you guys. Only way is up! ???

  41. Jesse Ly says

    Drink every time someone says FACTS.

  42. Suryank Kumar says

    On Freud, the squad getting everybody laid when Rona is gone. Love gurus in this bitch

  43. Drizzy Stan says

    Had to drop a like for the podcast. Let’s fucking go

  44. Eggscramblercomms says

    Why did all the gen 6 heatah fajitas get pulled?

  45. xXpandamoniumXx says

    You don't even need to know how to talk to get a girl just got to be tall or know an instrument

  46. arrowsecho says

    sama is usually so loud… guess when its about intellectual conversations he has nothing to say

  47. Jay Jeffries says

    This podcast is lit def do more of these

  48. Eshaan Chandran says

    Yall need to make moree

  49. arrowsecho says

    i'm not expecting another episode of this but ay we here

  50. dearozero says

    I never listen to podcasts, but this was surprisingly a banger.

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