The ULTIMATE Breakfast Grocery Haul – Healthy Foods To Buy…And Avoid!

If you’re looking for the best grocery items to buy for breakfast, this haul video is for you. I’m making my way through the grocery store showing you what to buy and avoid when it comes to breakfast cereal, milk, bagels, english muffins, orange juice, and more! Mad Love!

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  1. I buy the grain free granola, Purely Elizabeth or Grandyoats, and mix it with the Ezekiel cereal to cut the amount of sugar and the granola gives the Ezekiel cereal some added flavor. Win win

  2. 🤭🤭🤭😧😧😧😧 and I’ve been eating Annie’s cocoa bunnies cereal 🤭🤭🤭🤭 .. not anymore thank you Bobby. I’ve been eating the Ezekiel raisin English muffins 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Hi Bobby I live in Chicago suburbs and my locations never have some of the items that you mention. Can you recommend some of the locations you go to for Whole Foods and Costco so I can find them as well? Thank you!

  4. Bobby YOU ARE A REALLY;
    👏Life Saver👏
    That have been able to DO THE GREATEST NECESSARY "exceptional Research" on what REALLY MEANS "All those UNDERCOVER DANGEROUS & EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY & HARMFUL "Ingredients as well on All those Super again; well hidden METHODS ON PREPARING & ELABORATING "Most Food,Cereal ,Milk,Cookies….etc…etc… and MANY OTHER ENDLESSLY "Processed and maybe not soo processed Food" That for SURE ARE COMMONLY UNKNOWN BY MOST VAST AVERAGE PEOPLE OUT THERE!! and just because THEY ARE "FDA" approved; It DOES NOT MEAN AT ALL THAT "It would not be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS & UNHEALTHY AS They really Are!!

  5. Grab & go. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich would make a good breakfast. Plus, Egg salid, sausage & egg sandwich, variety of power drinks. Like, learn, and do cooking for Heather self & loved ones.

  6. It’s absolutely pathetic and insane that this guy has devoted his life to showing people how to 1) demonize “unhealthy” food 2) spend ludicrous/unnecessary amounts of money on food from companies that often don’t even care about consumer health 3) waste precious brainspace on scrutinizing every little thing you eat. Not to mention that he puts forth the notion that health and wellness is only accessible to the wealthy. Foods aren’t inherently healthy/unhealthy: it makes for a far more unhealthy life to constantly worry about what you’re eating. In reality, we all die, and cookies won’t kill you just like how expeller whatever extra virgin olive oil won’t save you. Just go out live your life. Go! It will probably be easier from the time and money you save ignoring this guy’s crap

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