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The True Peak of Lionel Messi's Goalscoring


The True Peak of Lionel Messi’s Goalscoring
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Lionel Messi has set stratospheric standards during his career, and established records which may never be broken. But when was his goalscoring peak and why is the answer not as obvious as it should be? An Athletic Original, written by Michael Cox, Dermot Corrigan and Tom Worville.

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  1. Minh Phung Quang says

    at this age of years carry barca. what a legend Leo.

  2. Orhungul Ushahemba says

    Incredible numbers

  3. Chris Ingram says

    When he walks down the street, the people stop and say "there goes Lionel Messi, the greatest to ever play the game"

  4. Citizen Goose says

    that drawing is supposed to be messi?

  5. Aldous Liger says

    WORD: REAL MADRID MAKES PLAYERS GREAT,, PLAYERS DON'T MAKE REAL MADRID GREAT…. Real already semented it's greatness… The very first players to wear the royal white made sure of it… Ronaldo is Cristiano, Real is Madrid,, am not sure exactly what av said, but it sounded pretty gud on my lips.

  6. ReLoadXxXxX says

    Goes missing too much in the UCL knockouts.

  7. H F says

    It's unfair comparing anyone with Messi that's not named Cristiano Ronaldo

  8. TheDarkRaptor says

    I remeber his 91 rated special card in fifa 13 and I remeber seeing all the butthurt Ronaldo fans saying that it should be his real rating because he sucks.

  9. Shemzinho says

    The greatest player to have ever played the game of football

  10. Adnan Kassem says

    Great video.

  11. Tony o'connell says

    Getting High and watching these fix my day

  12. hadi misab says


  13. Gozienna Anamelechi says

    The greatest

  14. Milo Guichard says

    Great video, Messi is the GOAT

  15. Jacob says

    Please revive the basketball channel

  16. MMT says

    As a madrid fan i hate the fact that the world is happy when we fail but sad when barca fail.Same goes to ronaldo and messi.WHY does the world hate us but love our rivals!!😔

  17. Feed Me To My Enemies says

    He lost pace on the Ballon d'Ors when he picked up that injury. That is why he is incomparable. He is an alien from another planet. A true artist that played football the purist way. Watch his 91 goal season and its the pinnacle of finishing.

  18. Zarif Shaukat says

    His standards are……… mindblowingly insane

  19. radioclash84 says

    Messi and even to some extent Ronaldo have been hardworking and talented enough over the years to re invent themselves as their abilities in one department decline through age but they got more experience with age. Messi carries the team now.

  20. _アンクル says

    91 goals in a season . Just a reminder !

  21. Cody says

    These painted animations are sooo nice

  22. hani haffar says

    Its unfair to compare any player with the GOAT , Messi is on a completely different level, only him on that level, and maybe it's going to be like that for a long long time.

  23. Zach Allan says

    As he is undoubtedly top 3 of all time do we think he is the goat 🤔

  24. Uddhav Galande says

    Hey can you make video on pirlo's progress as manager of U23 Juventus , it would be great to see how capable he is to manage the main team and his tactics and formations

  25. Anigbogu Chukwuma says

    Nice analysis

  26. Paolo Fu says

    Is that on the thumbnail supposed to be messi? Lol

  27. buzzYNWA says

    I enjoy his 3-month period of 2010 the most in which he DESTROYED Stuttgart, Arsenal, Soceidad, Valencia, and many more before getting stopped at the bus station of Jose's Inter. That was when Arsene Wenger called a 22 year old, the best player EVER. What a player !

  28. Fwbs1 S says

    Please do a spurs sensible transfers 👍🤝

  29. Joe Who says

    And he didn’t win the 2013 ballon dor

  30. Brandon says

    He's the GOAT and it's not even close

  31. ZeroToFreedom says

    Great video, but please make an analysis on Milan's tactics in the second part of the season. There are a lot of interesting things to be seen.

  32. Khutso Moropyane says

    Messi simply a genuis

  33. Emmanuel Anwanaodung says

    Messi 2011-2015 is something I’ll always be grateful to have witnessed live. It was his true peak, culminating in 2015, where everything came together.

    Also, I’m not entirely sure why Ronaldo won the Ballon D’Or that year. It seems like Messi was “punished” for that loss to Bayern. Barcelona won the league handily, Messi outscored Ronaldo in the league and in all competitions, Barcelona got to the semis of the UCL and the Copa (Madrid exited the Copa at the 1/32 stage). Yet, Ronaldo won it.

  34. Henry Returns says

    If we based it off on per season and per year on just "Goalscoring"
    – In the year 2012 , he scored 91 goals in OFFICIAL MATCHES in a natural year, surpassing Gerd Muller and Pele
    – If we based it on the season 2011/12, he scored a whooping 73 goals
    – And if we based off golden boots , Messi has 6 whooping golden boots , his two lowest registers were 34 goals in 2010 and 2018. And his max been 50 goals in 2012
    – Also Messi have scored over 20 goals in La Liga for 12 STRAIGHT years
    – Messi lowest numbers where 23 goals in 2009 , 28 goals in 2014, 26 goals in 2016 , and 25 Goals in 2020. The only years where he did not reach 30+ Goals.
    – Adding to that, since 2009, Messi scores at least 40 goals + yearly in all competitions
    – One fact that people should add into this is "when does Messi score them". In the season 2018 , If i am not wrong most goals from Messi came when Barcelona was losing or in a tie. Scoring a goal while your team is losing or in an disadvantage, has more weight than scoring when your team is already winning 2-0.

  35. Exauce Mayunga says

    2012 was his goal scoring peak. 2018 was his peak in every aspect.

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